Wednesday, January 31, 2007

my new fren, vin's new buddy n my long lost source of joy

i seem to haf a slight pressure to perform... in e past, my posts were full of rubbish n i received lotsa complaints... now it has evolved to b entertainin to a big bunch of u n im so glad dat i can b part of ur life (indirectly) again!!! weee!!!

so i wonder... how to continue entertainin e masses... i figured, no need to b stressed la... actually i haf not changed... still continuin by incessant ramblings, juz dat i added fotos to substantiate e things dat im tokin abt... maybe i can capture e moments... or maybe now u guyz can relate more to wat im tokin abt cos u can c it n u find it hilarious?! or maybe its e topics dat im tokin abt... haha ok nmind wateva... as long as i can bring a SMILE to ur face n hopefully an outburst of laughter in ur quiet office cubicle... =)

but anywae lemme introduce my new fren - e pink octopus ^_^

felt dat she bein so cute, doesnt deserve to b not known by e public... so hold ur breath as i unveil e georgous beauty...heh couldnt resist to fit vin's bdae prez to me in e pic to show u all... if u stare real closely n hard enuff, u can c my fav foto of e week... e biggest one on top... vin lookin so gd n me lookin so glam (which is strange cos its wif e previous terrible haircut dat most pple didnt like)... anywaez octy is not there originally, but i placed her there cos she looks real cute wif 1 tentacle restin on e foto base... like so saye lidat HAHAHAHAHA

now u noe y i sae she is not known to e world rite??? so poor thing hor? hidin in a small corner... she's been at my desk fer a week but i bet u my colleagues haf not noticed her... RITA FOO!!!!! COME VISIT OCTY ONE DAE AH!!!!! rita's my colleague-and-fav-tok-rubbish-khaki n she is now a introvert-blog-reader!!!!! ^_^

now let's move on to vin's new buddy... *drums rollin* mr braun aka electric shaver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

looks so man rite????? waaa im sooo excited abt it leh... it was supposed to b a V dae gift fer vin but after buyin it in e afternoon, i couldnt help but juz give it to vin at nite... kekekeke... no more cuts on his face anymore!!!!! n he can walk arnd e house while he shaves!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

check out the soft case for travelling!!!!! hmmm how come my hand looks so sickly??? like ghastly white sia... aiyah nmind la not bad fer a CAMERA FONE liao loh... hiaks... u noe i realised N80 camera has sooo many functions but when i try, there seems to b no difference between portrait shot n landscape shot... maybe i duno how to compose e pic... wateva... gime time... i WILL MASTER E ART OF FOTOGRAPHY... >_<

cant resist but to give u all a crash course on all-to-do-abt-electric-shavers... cos within 2 daes i had to learn everythin i could abt men n their best fren-who-keeps-em-lookin-great

1) did u noe dat men shave up to a football pitch in 18 mths??? wa seh its like ALOT LOR!!!!! fainted rite???
2) there r 2 kinds of electric shavers: rotary blade n (alamak i forget e term) let's juz call it foil shaver. rotary blade is more for fat faces (as salesman A told me) but salesman B said dat cos rotary blade is so flexible, it wun give a clean shave fer fat faces... anywae e conclusion of e story is dat foil shaver is beta cos can haf cleaner shave (forget e other benefits liao leh)

alamak... dats all i can rem after my 2 lunchtime crash courses... actually its more of i choose not to rem cos i onli needed to noe all this info at a point in time so i stored em in my RAM n not hard drive... after makin e best decision on e spot liao, beta free up e RAM fer other things... these things r best known by e men emselves...

bet by now u r dyin to noe who/wat is my long lost source of joy rite??? (so thick-skin i noe... as if u wana noe me so much... but hey, if u dun, then y read until here???!!! kekeke)

heh... u tot which guy's pic im gona post rite??? its pao pao cha loh!!!!! so long never drink liao rite???? (in order to rush this post out, while waitin fer my meetin later, i quickly run in here to type all this out... then e spy caught me doin it... hope e spy dun run to e government to sound e alarm bells sia... kekeke) then again, i muz sae i m mad these daes... especially this week... i feel dat i m super hyper n tok too much of rubbish... muz start to tone down... anywaez, i LOVE RED PEARL MILK TEA!!!!! ESPECIALLY E PEARLS!!!!!!!! SO CHEWY N NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ^_^


No longer would it b called THE ZUI KUEY BAG
No longer would it burn in the hells of zui kuey...

cos it is now BACK TO NORMAL!!!!! *blinkin lights n flashing symbols (which i duno how to put on my blog)*

curious to noe how i did it??? ^_^ the power of... NEWSPAPERS!!!!!!!!!! my bag still had e smell of zui kuey n wats worse is dat it was e STALE smell of zui kuey... meanin dat if i didnt find a wae to get rid of it, my beautiful mango bag-that-was-given-to-me-by-vin-as-a-bdae-present would b smellin like a dead rat fer e rest of its life!!!!!!!!!

then i remembered dat shopping centres like to stuff newspapers into bags to fluff it up n amazingly, e interior of e bag wun smell so leathery n crap... so i decided to try usin newspapers... (since newspapers can b used in so many waes: cleanin mirrors, cleanin windows, cleanin stains on surfaces... surely it can remove smells too rite??? *hopeful look*)

but of cos, after tokin so much, u shd noe dat all stories haf a hapi ending n yes, my bag no longer smells all thanks to My Paper (so sad that my laptop doesnt allow me to write in chinese)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))))))

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Interesting sights on a trip to the barber

finally vin decided to cut his hair so we took a stroll to everton park from his place on sat afternoon... n hey hey hey!!! never knew spore can b so interestin hahaha... n guess wat, e below 2 SIGHTINGS were spotted by da man himself - Mr Vincent Goh!!! =)

u might b thinkin... so wat if its spotted by vin... eh!!! *knock knock* if vin n jean goes out together, usually jean is e mad bird lookin around n spottin weird things then vin will c e things n laff at jean's madness... but this time its e reverse!!! n these things, since its spotted by vin, is confirm not as bo liao as e things i spot la... (yes, u can c dat i m enticin u to read further)

ooo b4 i continue, lemme tell u guyz my decision!!! after e success of e 'zui kuey post' together wif many raves from my fans (hahaha)... i decided fotos r e wae to go... so i will blog wif tons of fotos since i haf my beautiful N80-in-black... *hao lian look*

im sori, loh soh me wans to sae another thing... u noe my bag rite... I THINK ITS NOT CLEAN LEH!!!!! cos yesterdae n todae got an ant appear on my arms every 5-10 mins fer abt 20 min... ok la so onli 2-3 ants per dae... but dats alot leh!!! how many of u haf even 1 ant on ur arm per dae???!!! *grumbles* ok fine, so its onli fer these 2 daes la... but still?!...

so i was starin at my bag this mornin n guess wat... THE ANTS CAME FROM MY BAG LOR!!! or so i think... actually i still duno... but i saw 2 ants on my bag, so i guess it has to b from my bag la... n y leh?! I THINK ITS E ZUI KUEY LAAA... sian rite... can never get rid of e nitemare... *sigh* if onli there was an area in my office where i can sun my bag... u noe like those washin area where we can hang our clothes dry on e roof top on a bamboo-stick? nmind i m gona leave my bag on my desk in e open n hope e ants find e air outside fresher n they all come out to play n i will KILL THEM ALL... grrr... oops... pai sei revealed my dark side... =P

alamak! pai sei leh... i reali loh soh hor?? kekeke... thank God fer blogs dat seem to haf no space limit where i can yak all i wan n u all can come here to read anytime u wan n thus can noe all e things dat go on in a day of jean's life... of cos u wana noe wat vin's thinkin aso rite? (hint to vin: we wana c u post n not onli comment la... kekeke)

wat is vin lookin at man? like so amazed lidat rite?? bet u r bendin forward n squintin at ur computer screen to stare at wats in his line of vision... =P

tada!!!!!!!!! v cute hor? actually it has some green thing on its crown dat makes it look like a red mangosteen!!! ok children, repeat after me: palm tree... one more time! palm tree... v gd!!! this is a palm tree!!! bet u never c e red fruits b4 rite??? usually its unripe n its green in colour (e fruits i mean)

a closer view of e abundance of palm tree fruits... scully i tok so much then some ecologist comment n sae dat i m totally n utterly wrong... dat this is not palm tree... hahaha... ok la if im wrong, please tell me lest i mislead everyone here into finally realising wat dat tree-dat-alwayz-appears-in-every-neighbourhood is... scully pple who noe plants n vegetation v well r not called ecologists!!! hahaha... sometimes i wonder if im a university graduate... alamak dun lidat la... sooo many years ago learn one how to rem?! pri sch till now sooo many years leh!!! how many ah? 1, 2, 3... 7, 8... ok i give up...

can u c wat is e strange thing in this pic? *eerie music*..... wat thing?? *screams* u sure u sure u sure?????

heh did u all guess correctly?? this is e extremely strange thing... but then on hindsight... i think vin is stranger... cos when walkin on a sheltered walkway, y would u b lookin at wats above ur head??? great i foresee pple thinkin, 'cos dun wana look at u so look up ma...' ok shucks, juz pretend dat i didnt sae e above... =P

can u c e cat??? so strange rite?? how in e world did it get up there??? but then again, e famous spottiswoode cats r super acrobatic n can lie anywhere they wish... on cars (regardless of how expensive e car is)... errr... come to think abt it, i onli c em on cars leh... but its like 3-4 lyin on e cars in a row, as if e cars r their thrones in their carpark palace lor... its like wa seh... reali no government one leh...

anywae we went along to vin's barber n got him a nice haircut... dats y i alwayz sae... if u look gd, no matter wat kinda hair/clothes/accessories u haf, u will look gd one... so no need to show u all pic, u all aso noe vin looks gd in his new haircut la... ok yes i hear ur pukes... WAHAHAHAHAHA juz wanted to make sure u r still wif me... ^_^

another post dat i wana blog abt but later la... later information overload fer u all hahaha... laters!! adios amigos!!~~

Thursday, January 25, 2007

NEVER da bao zui kuey n put in your bag!!!

took out my badge todae at my office main door n to my greatest horror... it was oily!!!!! i was shocked for a moment n wondered wat in e world could haf made my tag oily n i realised...

my zui kuey... =( can u c??? e oil seeped through e paper wrapper n even through e plastic bag!!! how come it can seep through the plastic bag?! i thought plastic = can contain water??? n if it can contain water, then how come it cant contain oil?! *sigh*

e interior of my bag... n u noe wat? this cloth lining is sewn on to my bag so i cant clean e other side of e cloth lining, which is e inside part of my bag!!! alamak duno how to put to words... but anywae i cant wash it completely other than soakin e bag in soap water fer an hour... which of cos i cant do when im in office...

e above 2 pics were taken when i was in e toilet, starin in shock at my bag n wif my belongings strewn all over e small counter in e corner of my office toilet... i tot to myself... wa seh this kinda thing seldom happen leh... beta take some pics to show vin n u all abt my sori state... pretty blog-worthy i muz sae, this situation of mine on this 25th dae of January, 2007...

so i tried my v best to use tons of paper towels to blot out e oil from my bag n belongings n finally givin up n lookin v 'lang bei' carryin my many miscellanous items n bag n tryin to scan my card n open e door into e workin area n hopin in my long walk to my desk, i dun meet wif anyone... but of cos, in e toilet, sharon's boss saw me in my sad state but she was rushin to e cubicle n after her big business, she might haf felt pai sei so she rushed out too...

when i reached my desk, rita/mei ling were equally stunned at how i managed to get myself into such a plight n they offered many ideas on how to clean my bag... an alreadi v sian me still had to quickly gobble down e zui kuey n throw it away so that it wun stink up e whole office even more...

e culprit... look at e massive amount of oil such that e paper has become translucent... fyi, this paper wrapper is supposed to b oil-proof lor... cos it has a plastic lining in e interior of e wrapper... zui kuey stall owners, time to reinvent ur wrappers n plastic bags, else ur customer pool will juz keep gettin smaller...

wat?! did i hear u sae dat u will never da bao zui kuey? please la...

ooo u meant u will never da bao zui kuey n put in ur mango bag? ..... ok fine... lesson learnt ok?


after gobbling down e zui kuey, i proceed to e pantry to use e dishwashing liquid to wash my bag... i knew e pantry aunties would b there n was sure they would teach me some great n fanciful ideas on how to wash my bag...

but i muz sae i was impressed wif myself... i can speak hokkien pretty well!!! i managed to describe to em wat happened n how i felt n wat i intended to do, all in fluent hokkien!!! think is e power of sian-ness, where all e pent up 'anger' translates into an energy dat is yearnin to burst out n it comes out in e form of a higher level of language capability!!! kekeke...


dats wat my gd fren a.k.a. pantry auntie told me n she prepared a cup of hot water fer me to pour on e affected area after my first wash... ahhh so fellow brothers n sisters, we learn somethin new everydae... in fact, todae we learnt 2 new things alreadi!!! how fun...

so there is mahir, my neighbour, who refuses to b famous... n of cos e center of attraction for todae is my bag-which-is-now-v-clean-n-sanitized... but rita, after smellin my bag said dat behind e nice smelling lemon fragrance, there is still a slight hint of zui kuey... shucks...

check out my red n swollen hand - cos of washin n scrubbin n how can we forget? our new best fren - hot water...

1 gd thing dat came out of this, other than learnin 2 new things todae... is dat my table n belongings got a nice hot scrub!!! c they r happily enjoyin e cool breeze now at e side of my table...

Monday, January 22, 2007

juz another bo liao post... dun sae i never warn u ah... kekeke

Your grace is sufficient for me
Your strength is made perfect when I am weak
All that I cling to, I lay at Your Feet
Your grace is sufficient for me...

started todae's post wif a song dats humming in my mind now... such a powerful song... reminds us dat our God is a sovereign God n He is Almighty n powerful n NOTHIN is too big fer Him... He will not put us through wat we cannot bear... so yippee doodle doo!!! God is good!!! ^_^

okok check out these pics... super funny... at least to me la... ok i beta give a background of these pics... this is e first time i m postin pics which dun haf myself in it n is not related to vin nor me... errr ok wateva, u get e drift when u c e pics...

so im postin this cos e guys gladly agreed to pose fer me after much coercing n after i took e pics, i promised em dat i will post it on my blog so all e pretty ladies out there readin this blog will fall in love wif em n beg me fer their no n they can haf a whole queue of admirers!!! hahaha...

while lookin at e pics, do rem dat e 2nd pic of each individual is taken after much coercing... so nice of em to pose fer me... kekeke...

amos sleeping in XS room... dun u think ernie looks weird? cos e head is facin out but e arms look like they r hugging amos... so strange...

alamak v tak glam hor?! ok sori amos... this one dun turn out well... okok dun focus on this pic!!! look at e first one then... kekeke... btw, amos HAS A FAN CLUB!!! so fer those who wana join, kindly sign up wif e PRESIDENT OF E FAN CLUB - AMOS!!!!! =)

presenting to u... MR WEWEMY HO!!! same surname as me n same jc as me!!!!! of cos not same age as me la... he was upset cos i dun rem y... maybe cos i didnt allow him to pose his glam shot w/o his specs... or maybe cos i was laffin too hard at him when he did his glam pose... but i forgot wat i said to him n TA DA!!!!!!! look at him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH okok hold ur horses gals!!!!!!!!!! onli apply if u r below 18!!!!!!!!!! ok la, his name is actually JEREMY la... kekeke... u muz b wonderin y in e world does this guy haf such a strange name... coincidence coincidence!!! amos' elder brother is aso called jeremy!!!!!!!

there there there!!! jeremy!!! amos' brother!!! look like or not??? e one in e white shirt standin... 2nd from top rite... ok nmind i think too small u aso cant c la hor? =P ok time to take more pics on my fone!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

*shocked* i broke my 4 fotos record!!! now e record stands at 5!!!!!!!!! *applause* *bows* guess u all prefer to c fotos than read alot of words aso la hor? ya dats wat i prefer to aso actually hahaha... made easier wif my new fone so gd fer all of us!!! till e next time... adios!!! =)

(told you all its a bo liao post... HAHAHAA... not bad leh u all can last all e wae to here... *pats on back*)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

the flood...

for e first time, i start my post wif fotos... y? cos e pictures juz speak for emselves!!!

n guess wat... this was taken juz 5 mins after it started rainin at kovan... did u hear me? F-I-V-E minutes... can u imagine dat??? in such a short time, how did a waterfall manage to start flowin? *flabbergasted look*

i was juz thinkin to myself, 'yeah no rain!' when i came out of e nel exit, dat i beta finish my usual 15min stroll home in 10min b4 it starts rainin... n juz when i finished dat tot, i saw a curtain of rain come towards kovan, gracefully proceedin to serangoon...

sianz... no umbrella...

lesson learnt: it is definitely e time now when it is brite n sunny skies in e dae till abt 6pm n most surely it will rain... like a geisha teasin e men... juz when u think u've got it, no! u r seriously fooled...

it has been rainin since who noes when man... but mum said a few weeks earlier to her auntie fren in e lift, 'wa e weather is terrible! its been rainin since dec 16!' i was like (mouth drop open) huh how she noe wat date??? gosh... u mean she kept record?! my guess: her auntie frens told her dat... hmmm did i rem e date correctly ah?! aiyah wateva la... u get e drift rite? dat she rem a specific date... its like so HAHAHA... n pls dun go arnd quotin me to ur frens abt e date cos its most likely wrong cos i dun bother abt e date n most prob rem wrongly!!! =P

rita told me pple in kota tinggi went to buy new furniture after e first flood n now kena 2nd time... this time, they cant even carry e new furniture to e 2nd floor cos it flooded all e wae up!!! my gosh... super serious... n u noe wat? e furniture was so quickly bought cos of chinese new year preparations... wat a huge red packet they juz presented to e rain... poor thing... muz b so totally sian diao fer em man...

i feel it in my fingers... i feel it in my toes... end times r so nearin... ooo baby... (yes u can hum along to e tune of... wats dat song's name man?!)

b on ur guard lest when He comes, u r unprepared n He does not noe u... not well versed in e end times scriptures... anyone, help me out wif e verses fer e earthquakes, diseases, etc?! in revelations meh? hmmm... cant find leh... can finish readin e Bible in 2007? muz buck up on my Word knowledge man!!!

Romans 10:17
17So then, faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.

Monday, January 15, 2007

We r 1 1/2 years old!!! =)

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa allow me to share our joy wif all of u!!!!!! ^_^

hmmm actually not exactly super long la hor? but hey! thank God for seein us through... n thank God fer all of u who r part of our lives n haf blessed us wif ur frenship... =)

went to pregos fer dinner yesterdae n e swordfish was HEAVENLY!!!!! enjoy e pics n DROOL!!!!! =P

there was some asparagus which we gobbled up alreadi n part of e fish aso swam into our tummies too... look look look!!! we had part of e food n still e presentation is still so nice!!! imagine how u would haf felt when u were sittin in front of e dish wif e fish starin at u in ur eyes... YUMMY!!!!!

we had linguine too which at first was not reali nice cos e sauce juz keeps goin back to e bottom n cant mix well... so it was a little dry... but mid way into e dish, it juz got tastier n tastier as we could savor more n more of e sauce... sedap!!!

went to ben's 21st bdae celebration at aloha changi (which is super duper ulu n old n dirty but v cheap fer civil servants considerin e vast space n many rooms n beds)... but hey we had tons of fun man!!! this is onli a part of e many many many pple who went man... maybe 80 pple went ah?! izit ah ben? (stole this foto n e foto below from ben's blog hahaha)

juz to reiterate on how mad we all became after playin n laffin so much... =P alot of fotos this time hor??? kekeke wish can post more but this is enuff to whet ur appetite fer more next time... ^_^

Thursday, January 11, 2007

im startin to blog again!!!!!

after disappearin fer so long... jean is back to action... u noe y??? COS SHE IS BORED!!! B-O-R-E-D... *yawn* wenhui so funny... tell her im gona blog then she sae 'gd u r v slow in bloggin' kekeke... quite nice to noe dat my dear frens actually do wana noe wats new in my life, wat rubbish im thinkin etc etc etc...


n guess wat, jean is gona do somethin oh so familiar... EXTRACT FROM PRIME TIME WITH GOD again!!!!! ^_^ this time i modify abit laaaa... kekeke...

God inspired delays

Yet when He heard that Lazarus was sick, He stayed where He was two more days. - John 11:6

Delays in our life are not always easy to handle or to reconcile in our minds. Often, when God does not answer our prayers in the time that we feel He should, we appoint all sorts of characteristics to God's nature that imply He does not care. Such was the case with Lazarus' sisters when Lazarus became ill and died. Jesus was a close friend to Lazarus and his two sisters, Mary and Martha. (Mary, you may recall, was the woman who came and poured perfume on Jesus' feet.) When Jesus arrived two days later, Martha shamed Him by saying, "If You had come he would not have died." She implied that He didn't care enough to come when sent for. It was a matter of priorities for Jesus, not lack of love.

God often allows delays in our lives in order to accomplish something for His purposes that can be achieved only in the delay. Jesus allowed Lazarus die in order for the miracle that was about to take place to have its full effect. If Jesus had simply healed a sick man, the impact of the miracle would not have been as newsworthy as resurrecting a man who had been dead for four days. This is Jesus' greatest "public relations act" of His whole ministry. What many do not realize is that the key to the whole story is in the next chapter.

Many people, because they had heard that He had given this miraculous sign, went out to meet Him. So the Pharisees said to one another, "See, this is getting us nowhere. Look how the whole world has gone after Him!" (John 12:18-19)

If Jesus had not raised Lazarus from the dead, there would have been no crowds to cheer the Lord when He came into Jerusalem riding on a donkey.

God often sets the stage so that His glory is revealed through the events that He orchestrates. He did this with Moses and Pharaoh, allowing delay after delay for release of the Israelites from Egypt. He did this with Abraham and Sarah for the promised child, Isaac. God granted Sarah a baby past the age of childbearing in order to demonstrate His power.

Delays will provide the necessary preparation and greater glory that God was to receive. My friend, don't take the delays lightly. Do not faint as God places you in what seems to be a holding pattern. God is at work. God knows the purposes for His delays. Don't give up, for they are for His greater glory; so we need to remain faithful.


im a a stage in my life where its sort of like a standstill again. when is my next job? wat job will it b? when will my next stage of life begin? blah blah blah...

guess e thing dat is buggin me most is my career... if i m to stay or move... wat is my passion? kindergarten teacher? childcare teacher? pri sch teacher? sec sch teacher? jc/poly lecturer? yes yes all in e teachin industry...

but u noe wat? i lack guts... cos movin will mean dat i will haf rigid work hours (i think), tons of red tapes (not as if there is not enuff over here), onli can take leave on sch hols, PAY CUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all my life i haf been taught: passion = impractical; money = practical; humans = practical; jean = human
therefore: jean shd not follow her heart n pursue her passion but muz alwayz consider e practical aspects like her parents need her to support em etc etc etc...

but of cos i realised dat does not wk if i wana b hapi... but im still not yet convinced i shd leave e finance industry now now now... there is still an area in finance that im keen on tryin b4 i actually juz sae bye bye... so i do haf my plans after all... weee!!! at least im not lost... =)

this reminds me of a conversation i had wif carol yesterdae... carol has been wkin fer duno how many donkey years in marketing n now she is gona pursue her passion: teachin piano!!! wah seh!!! its like a big step out lor!!! but i do admire her courage... to start takin courses now in preparation of fulfilling her dream... to even act on it is alreadi one giant step of courage!!!

but after tokin so much, it all boils down to 1) knowin wat u wan in life; 2) hafin e courage to pursue ur dream

fer me, i still duno at this point in my life wat to do... so still need to wait upon God n seek Him seek Him seek Him... haven been reali pressin in recently... im sure God is juz waitin fer me to ask Him n He will reveal to me but im juz dreamily floatin arnd in fairyland... okok muz stop floatin arnd... we haf these moments dun we? juz lalala here n lalala there n move seemingly w/o a direction in our lives? kekeke... but dun wori, sure got direction one... God is a faithful God n all e places He has been leadin n bringin us to is toward e final destination dat is e best fer us =)

courage? hmmm sure haf one cos God is our strength, our rock, our teacher... so yes yes yes... i need to seek seek seek!!! great n exciting things r comin my wae!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^

juz felt like doin this counter thing for e number of frens dat r gettin married... so exciting!!! =)

jan: cedric ROM
feb: joy marriage
apr: eugene marriage
nov: xiufen n choon seng marriage
2008: lilian n david marriage

quick faster some more some more!!! any i missed out ah??? so fun so fun!!!!!!!!! derick n stella gona haf their first born!!! melissa n jack aso!!! hahaha im at this stage of life where everyone is gettin married, gettin their new apartments, buyin cars, takin e planes fer biz trips/holidays more than i take taxis, hafin babies... whoopie!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


ok la abit belated but its still new year ma hahaha... b4 i tok further, lemme make an announcement!!!

*drums rolling*


wat r u thinkin?? kekeke... =P

I BOUGHT A NEW FONE!!!!!!!!!! N80!!!!!!! *bows*

finally hor??? after tokin fer so long... wa e 3 megapixels reali is fantastic man!!! onli drawback is dun haf image stabilizer... but oh well, can b redeemed by takin pics wif brite lite n wif a steady hand... kekeke... some fotos taken usin my new fone fer ur viewin pleasure!!!

we dun look v gd rite hahaha... nmind start e year wif a not v nice pic... trust me, it will get beta!!! kekeke... start e bar lower then slowly raise it heh heh heh... ok yes im tokin rubbish cos im v sian... =P

my bdae prez from vin!!! heh heh... he prepared alot of fotos fer me to change!!! can keep changin every week... weee!!! gd thing to put in office so when i sian can entertain myself n when my colleagues sian, can come n c aso... quite a couple of em like to come here n c pics... quite fun to c pple's pics hor??? =)