Monday, November 23, 2009


a 14 year old girl walks up to you, gesturing to another 16 year old girl about 200m away.

'Hello. I am from a single parent home and that is my sister.'

then she goes into a sales pitch about her magnolia ice-cream that costs $12.90 and how nobody has bought any from her yet.

we bought 1 from a girl on sun night.

last night, on our way home from marine terrace, (just a 7min walk), 4 more pairs approached us with the same sales pitch.


Saturday, November 07, 2009

HK Reflections

better blog before i forget! =)

1) People are considerate! more than singaporeans!
- EVERYONE stands on the right while they are on escalators. in our 5 day trip, not once have we seen someone stand on the left, obstructing people who need to walk fast!
- each time an old person or a lady carrying a child walks into a crowded train cabin, 2 people will stand up straightaway to give their seat up to the person!

2) the food is GOOD GOOD GOOD!!!!! we drool each time we think of the char siew (which was succulent, meaty, and so yummy!) and the roast duck porridge that we had...

3) you will have toned legs staying there... HK is full of steep slopes!!!!! gosh... think i lost alot of fats there!!! but then again, we ate so much that maybe it nett off... =Pp

oh shucks... i had so much to share but its almost a month since we were there... cant remember much liao... show you photos la!!! ^_^ a picture paints a thousand words right...

and yes, we did ZERO shopping... what did you expect from us right...? but i really tried VERY HARD. just couldnt find anything to buy. we are so not shoppers... grrr...
they use the octopus card EVERYWHERE!!!!! other than bus/mtr, you can even use it at 7-eleven, entering the race cource, taking the ferry, etc... super steady leh!!!!!
the ever so famous yung kee, which people say its very over-rated but just have to go and try. even though its not very nice. i say the food we had at the small stalls were SO MUCH nicer loh!!!!!
the YUMMILICIOUS CHAR SIEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooooo just look at it... so juicy, so tasty, so tender... *drools*

vin and kaixi washing the crockery and utensils. such an interesting experience seeing the push-carts and trying to order dim sum kekekekeke...

MERLION!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!! quench my homesickness for awhile. felt like singing MAJULAH SINGAPURA in the middle of shenzhen!!!!! =)))))