Monday, March 16, 2009

shopping spree!!!

vin and i are buying so many things in these months that we just cant believe it!!! hahaha... over the weekend, we bought a desktop, a 32" LCD TV and confirmed our curtains!!! wow wee!!!!!

just want to rant abit about the IT show. we were one of those affected by the downtime of the phonelines and card readers!!! started queueing to pay from 550pm onwards and only left at 730pm!!! but for the great deals for our desktop and tv, it was still very much worth the wait =)))

1) Dell desktop using Intel Dual Core processor, 4GB RAM and the rest of the IT techie stuff @ $768 (including Windows and Office installed)
2) Samsung 32" LCD TV, HD Ready (and vin will rattle off the other specifications which i have no inkling what they mean) @ $699
3) 2 roman blinds and 1 curtain (to cover 1 side of our master bedroom wall) @ $550 - never knew curtains can be sooo expensive!!! another place quoted us $700 for the same quantity but of poorer quality cloth, metal and workmanship...

we are now on full force to ensure that we are shifting in next week. going to call our contractor everyday to make sure he follows up on the outstanding issues (maybe 30 of them, which he conveniently ignored for the past month)

there are still sooo many things that we need to get!!! iron, rice cooker, ironing board, standing fan, crockery, utensils, etc... waaa so many things!!!!! as each week passes, im amazed that so much goes into setting up a home. actually our home would have so few things, and is of a minimalist concept but there is already so many things that has to be done and so much thought that has to be put in already... but overall, its fun!!! ^_^

no chance to load more photos for you to see. since we are already shifting in, drop by our place to see the real thing ba!!! =)))

Thursday, March 12, 2009

vin and i are 8 months married!!!

wow how time flies... it seemed just a while ago that we got married and we are already into our 8 months of marriage!!! for those married for years and decades, 8 months is like a infant. but for me, sometimes i look at vin and say 'wow, we are married!' hahaha... then vin will look at me with no expression on his face... HAHAHA... (cos i say this like once every 2-3 months) maybe men are different. women are more emotional and feeling then we will go like wow and wee and lalala... but the men are task oriented. sign on the papers = married = next phase = just like that la... hee thats the fun of it all, men and women =)))

still having alot of fun living together and doing things together =))) so to those who are wondering if getting married is a no-no, i say YES YES YES YES YES!!!!! ^_^

anyway, we bought our lights 2 weeks back and it was another MAJOR project... went to about 5 shops to look at their lights. its very interesting when people walk into a lights shop cos everyone's head will tilt up rightaway. the focus is mostly on the ceiling, instead of normal shops where we are able to flick our eyes from the products to the salespeople. in a lights shop, we all talk to the ceiling most of the time... HAHAHA quite funny now that i think of it. but its also super strenous loh!!! imagine, almost an hour spent in the shop, looking at their (maybe 80-100) different lights, which have about 10-20 that look almost the same, with very subtle differences... neck and eye strain man!!!

never knew lights are sooo expensive... just like i never knew our throne in the house (the toilet bowl) is more than 100 bucks!!! when i researched on the forums, most people spent almost 2k on their lights and i was flabbergasted... never knew that our parents had to spend SO MUCH on the house man... and we take for granted all the things around us...

anyway, we managed to decide on the lights we liked and got them from 3 different shops
1) chandelier @ 300+
2) master bedroom light @ 190+
3) study bedroom light @ 80+
4) kitchen light @ 60+
5) utility & toilet light @ 60+
6) PLC lights for living @ 90+
Total cost about 800+!!! =)))

super happy cos we spent under 1k for our lights for the house, praise God!!! thank God for favor with the salespeople as well to give us discounts, and for leading us to the right places and getting great advice from the lights guys =)))

happiness... hoping to shift in 2 weeks time!!!!! later going to spot check on progress of the renovation!!!!! =))) kekeke... excited!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

stop for just 5min to listen to this...

amazing song... thank God for His reminder to me once again for His unending love and amazing grace... pray that this song will speak to you and bring you through in your time of need...