Monday, April 30, 2007

April 30th, 2007

This marks my last dae at my wkplace... i didnt cry. not a single tear. actually, when i left deloitte, i didnt cry too. strange.

actually, i cry real easily... but y izit dat i dun cry abt leavin my companies... maybe cos to me, its juz a company. a place where one wks. or maybe cos i noe those bonds dat i haf forged n treasure dearly would not b broken...

i rem when i left deloitte, i felt real sad. lost. confused. i didnt noe wat was ahead. whether it was true dat e world outside of audit was like wat they said - unforgiving, cold, dark, ruthless. it turned out otherwise. yes, it is definitely much more sheltered in audit cos u haf layers of reviewers n no matter wat, e partner has e final liability. but in commercial world, u r an individual contributor n u r liable fer anythin u sae. n once it comes out of ur mouth, u beta make sure dat its politically correct. but of cos, im not tokin abt durin haha sessions or after office hour gatherings...

now i still feel sad, lost and confused. but to a lesser extent. maybe cos im older. maybe cos i haf more experience. maybe cos i sort of noe wat to expect. cos its from another commercial environment to other. maybe cos im jaded. i duno. but life is full of changes. we never noe wat to expect. i juz wana do my best fer God dats all. im sure He has placed me in dat new place fer a purpose n i wana fulfill dat purpose.

but im glad dat till now, im still in touch wif those from deloitte n we do make an effort to meet up. though it is gettin lesser but dats part n parcel of growin older. strange as we get older, we haf less time to meet up wif our frens. actually its not so strange cos we either get engulfed in wk n more wk, or we r progressin to a different phase in life - marriage, then kids...

i definitely will miss all e friendships i've forged. strange dat pple reali open up to u onli when u r leavin. maybe cos when u r colleagues, u r juz more wary; or we humans onli treasure pple when we noe it is gona b no more... but im surely glad dat we toked... u all noe who u r... thanks fer openin urself up to me...

to my dear friends, thanks for bein part of my life. i do treasure each n everyone of u n e times we've shared... keep in touch hor!!! ^_^

Thursday, April 26, 2007

more fotos!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

waitin fer vin so v bored...

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! *waves frantically*

*drums fingers*

u all not fun one la... never tok to me one... *yawn*

btw, i saw e doc todae (finally) n got some medicine!!!!!!!! now i can turn my head!!!!!!! hahaha... juz now go shoppin wif rita then she sae i muz b walkin real funny cos got pple turn their heads n look at me when i walk...

EH I JUZ WALK LIKE A MODEL ONLI MA... they aso walk straight never turn head ma... but ok la maybe i look abit stiff necked... but now beta liao n tomolo i will b back to jumpin arnd!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

ok e purpose fer signin in was to post fotos so beta faster post b4 vin reaches... MORE PICS OF DIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

pat took vin n me n said we v got fu qi xiang!!!!!!!! yippieeeeeeeeeee ^_^ (this is on e wae there at tanjong pagar, on e coach - 4 hr bus ride to mersing then 4 hr boat ride to tioman!!!!!!!!)

we felt like wu suo nan yang... like nan ming on a boat... no bed mind u... 4 hrs in e cold wind... BUT V FUN COS E STARS V BRITE!!!!!!!!!! there were sooooooo many stars n e sky was sooooooo clear... *sigh* nite to remember... wif su sleepin beside me... HAHAHAHAHA

my onli pic above e sea water level in my gear HAHAHAA... stare hard enuff n u can c which one is me la... =P

yeah!!!!!!!! vin n me in our diving gear!!!!!!!!!!! so saye hor????????? =)))))))))))))) ok vin is here!!!!!!! bye!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

im extremely giddy... but its worth it... ^_^

think i got ear water imbalance... but after readin all e definitions online, doesnt seem like vertigo or ear water imbalance leh... aiyah duno la!!! but at least im comforted by e fact dat xm aso haf e faintin feelin... think cos we not used to e water pressure durin diving la...

but if u ask me if i m willin to experience this terrible feelin again... fer diving, yes i would!!!!!!!
gosh i love diving!!!!! actually fer e 1st dae, we didnt c much... ok yes, many fishes n corals n stuff... but somehow it didnt captivate me much... so i was thinkin to myself... izit cos i cant go deeper so cant c nicer stuff? or cos i duno wat to look out fer underwater?

but dae 2 of e dive, our 4th n 5th dives... WOW!!!!! on our 4th dive, we saw a sea turtle!!!!!!!! fer someone like me who didnt watch 'finding nemo' n dun understand all e raves abt nemo n e sea turtles, lemme tell u... SEA TURTLES R SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!! it was as big as from my head to my waist i think, n it juz looked at us when we all were starin in awe at it!!!!! so cute!!!!!! pity i haven master my buoyancy control, else i would haf gone even closer to it...

then on my 5th dive, I PLAYED WITH A SEA URCHIN!!!!!!!!!! u muz b thinkin 'wa lau pls la... dun bluff... sea urchin is poisonous leh!!' (aiyah tried fer 15min to surf fer a pic of e sea urchin i saw but cant find leh!!!!!) e sea urchin looks super ugly from far cos its black n spiky... but close up, u can c its luminous eye!!!!! e one i played wif had this blue luminous eye n another 2 luminous things (which seriously, i duno if its aso its eyes cos i duno how many eyes a sea urchin is supposed to haf)

okok i MUST share wif u abt how i played wif it... jacki (my dive instructor) appeared beside me wif e sea urchin on e back on his hand n put it super close to me... i jumped underwater... amazing how u can still jump underwater... in fact i jumped backwards hahaha... cos jacki like to make fun of me, so i tot he was tryin to scare me or somethin... but he motioned to me to give him my hand n seein dat he could hold e sea urchin, i tot to myself 'chey, if he can hold it n haven faint, then i shd b able to aso ma!!!' so i took a huge leap of faith n gave him my hand...

it felt like a broom wif cane bristles dat our mums use to sweep e corridor!!!!! woe to u who duno wat im tokin abt cos it means dat u r of a later generation than me... think nobody uses dat now... used to love to use dat to help my mum wash e common corridor of our house n e drainage of our house n our neighbours'... dat was like 15 years ago!!!!!!! scary...

so anywae, diving was great!!!!!! praise God fer journey mercy albeit e rough bus ride back (where xm n me got real sick cos of e swerving n bouncing) n thank God fer safe dives!!!!! not a single shower of rain we experienced... onli 1 heavy downpour after we got back to e main island from our final dive!!!!!!!! God is so good!!!!!!! thanks fer standing in agreement wif us!!!!!!

wa too long never blog liao, plus im damn bored here... so pardon e long n lor soh speech above... ok la post some pics here fer u... taken by e dive shop, Gill Divers... waitin fer more pics from mel's camera!!! ^_^

vin n me!!!!! didnt take many pics durin this trip leh... SHD I BUY A NEW CAMERA OR BUY ANOTHER BATTERY FOR MY CANON IXUS??????????????? *sigh*

OPENWATER DIVERS!!!!!!!! startin from left to rite: timothy (this guy who bravely joined open water course alone), pat, zach (divemaster takin care of us... n xm asked y he is called Z, not Y not X... @_@ hahahaha), su, xm, me, jacki (our super funny n crappy dive instructor)
in this shot, all e zabor supposed to b like dabor, n vice versa... can c how xm n timothy n zach failed... hahaha... joel (another instructor) took this pic fer us n didnt take jacki's big fat butt stickin out like a gu niang!!!!! go n imagine urself... =P
xm, me n timothy... hee so fun takin pic underwater!!!!! =) im wearin cindy's mask dats y its not e same brite yellow mask as e rest... =) her mask v gd one leh... helped vin to identify me from e 'school of fish' (as he called us open water divers) so dat he could fin up to me n poke my face hahahaha

this is meee!!!!!! hahahaha my hair v terok hor? jacki calls me mushroom cos of my new fringe... makes my hair look like a wig n to him it looks like a mushroom... in fact, it does look like a mushroom underwater =P

lilian n me... out of point suddenly put this pic but juz wana update u all on my fringe... can u c dat its back to e slanted look? hahaha...

suddenly i become v tech savvy n do somethin new... enjoy e fotos dat joel (e dive instructor for e advanced divers) uploaded on his blog... weeeee!!!!! tioman tioman!!!!! diving diving!!!!! ^_^

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

abit late to tell u all this i noe... but beta late than never rite... =) actually most pple alreadi noe i quit liao la... but like todae then jean tan n andy were emailin then i realised i haven tell em so i broke e news then jean v shocked... kekeke... then i realised maybe some pple close to my heart but i haven been in touch wif em fer some time duno abt this milestone in my life...

my last dae will b 30 apr... but most pple here r on leave cos of e long weekend... *sigh* sad little me will pack my stuff quietly n lug my little suitcase of memories n trot down e silent hallwae n out of e big cold glass door...

all by myself...
dun wana b... all by myself... anymoreeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok dat was kinda out of point... but hey symphatize wif me la!!!!!!!! v poor thing one u noe?????

this place has been a great learnin ground... taught me so much abt e commercial world... how to position urself, to mkt urself, to b vocal, to present urself in front of directors n e likes... all e soft skills... n of cos analytics la... so definitely its not cos of e pple nor e place... cos its definitely a great place to work as one of our core values r... flexible wk hours, can wk from home, v independant, v professional... reali i love this place...

but, we do need to move on... im at a stage where i need to learn alot n fast cos no commitments yet... no children waitin fer me at home to rush to cook n take care of... no other things i need to reali wori abt... so career is definitely a high priority... now its all abt buildin my resume n increasin my mkt value...

so u all, dun miss me... come may 2nd, im gona b much much much busier than these past months... so u might juz hear n c less of me... but i noe i'll b happier cos i will haf greater achievement in my work life... n God is good... He brought this opportunity rite to me... n He has blessed me sooo much... so, yes, i continue to honor Him in my last daes here, to do my best in tyin up e loose ends n transitionin, n keepin e frenships dat i've built here... n look forward to wat is ahead... where i can continue to excel fer Him in e new place He has called me to!!!!!!

r u my 3k viewer????????????? ^_^

Monday, April 16, 2007

e return of e fotos!!!!!!!

seems like ten thousand years since i last blogged... todae will bombard u all wif fotos of my mum's bdae celebration!!!!! ^_^

but first, i will tell u all dat I LOVE FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so u will b seein alot of flowers pics... cos I LIKE!!!!!!!!!!
n another thing... (i haf to finish tokin b4 i post all e fotos cos maybe some pple onli like to read wat i type cos im so entertainin, n some pple onli like to c pics cos they more visual heh heh... ok la im juz super systematic la, cant mix up things... muz organise either by words then fotos or by topics... but since my next topic is super short, juz type here... wa in e end i tok so much...)

ok e other thing is... WE R GOIN DIVING from 20-22 apr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im real excited r u?????????? ok ya u wun b excited cos u not goin... but u can share in our joy!!!!!!!!!! n pray fer us k?? fer journey mercy... =) 15 of us goin!!!!!!!! im takin basic course n vin's goin fer leisure dive... 4 of us take basic, 3 take advanced n e rest go leisure!!!!!!!!!! whoopie!!!!!! ^_^

e flowers (cream colored roses) juz after i bought em at kovan mkt... dropped my mum at her appointment then rushed over to buy e bouquet durin her appointment... =) boy, was she surprised to c e bouquet... kekeke...

my overjoyed mum... =) btw, its super unglam but beta dat i tell u now rather than u discover it urself... e pic was taken juz outside our kitchen toilet... hahaha... u can c e cistern... =P

after seein e side landscape n potrait view, im sure u wana c e aerial view!!!!!!!!!! so nice hor e roses... *gushes* i love flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

juz to illustrate to u e beauty of flowers... after lookin at this pic, dun u juz simply LOVE FLOWERS???????????? such a thereaputic feelin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

in e end, im too tired to post e rest of e pics we took at olio yesterdae fer my mum's bdae lunch... sori la... todae down wif fever n flu so abit out of sorts... =P

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

do u prefer mac's or mos fries?

tokin to wenhui n tellin her im hungry then she sae she feel like eatin chips n i told her i feel like eatin fries... dat brought me to e topic of e dae...

which fries do u prefer?
after seekin wenhui n carol's opinions on their fav fries... i concluded...

if u like crispy fries, u will prefer mos... n if u prefer soggy fries, u will love macs... =)

but there is a disclaimer: if u like salty fries, even if u prefer crispy fries, u will still steer towards macs if macs n mos r directly in front of u... cos mos fries too fat to b salty enuff... =)

droolin rite??????? after tokin abt it so much to em, i made em hungry wif me!!!!!! now im at a loss whether to eat cheap food at tanjong pagar mkt wif xm they all, or buy macs fries n eat then aso eat another portion of dinner at e mkt... helppppppppppppppppp =P