Tuesday, April 24, 2007

im extremely giddy... but its worth it... ^_^

think i got ear water imbalance... but after readin all e definitions online, doesnt seem like vertigo or ear water imbalance leh... aiyah duno la!!! but at least im comforted by e fact dat xm aso haf e faintin feelin... think cos we not used to e water pressure durin diving la...

but if u ask me if i m willin to experience this terrible feelin again... fer diving, yes i would!!!!!!!
gosh i love diving!!!!! actually fer e 1st dae, we didnt c much... ok yes, many fishes n corals n stuff... but somehow it didnt captivate me much... so i was thinkin to myself... izit cos i cant go deeper so cant c nicer stuff? or cos i duno wat to look out fer underwater?

but dae 2 of e dive, our 4th n 5th dives... WOW!!!!! on our 4th dive, we saw a sea turtle!!!!!!!! fer someone like me who didnt watch 'finding nemo' n dun understand all e raves abt nemo n e sea turtles, lemme tell u... SEA TURTLES R SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!! it was as big as from my head to my waist i think, n it juz looked at us when we all were starin in awe at it!!!!! so cute!!!!!! pity i haven master my buoyancy control, else i would haf gone even closer to it...

then on my 5th dive, I PLAYED WITH A SEA URCHIN!!!!!!!!!! u muz b thinkin 'wa lau pls la... dun bluff... sea urchin is poisonous leh!!' (aiyah tried fer 15min to surf fer a pic of e sea urchin i saw but cant find leh!!!!!) e sea urchin looks super ugly from far cos its black n spiky... but close up, u can c its luminous eye!!!!! e one i played wif had this blue luminous eye n another 2 luminous things (which seriously, i duno if its aso its eyes cos i duno how many eyes a sea urchin is supposed to haf)

okok i MUST share wif u abt how i played wif it... jacki (my dive instructor) appeared beside me wif e sea urchin on e back on his hand n put it super close to me... i jumped underwater... amazing how u can still jump underwater... in fact i jumped backwards hahaha... cos jacki like to make fun of me, so i tot he was tryin to scare me or somethin... but he motioned to me to give him my hand n seein dat he could hold e sea urchin, i tot to myself 'chey, if he can hold it n haven faint, then i shd b able to aso ma!!!' so i took a huge leap of faith n gave him my hand...

it felt like a broom wif cane bristles dat our mums use to sweep e corridor!!!!! woe to u who duno wat im tokin abt cos it means dat u r of a later generation than me... think nobody uses dat now... used to love to use dat to help my mum wash e common corridor of our house n e drainage of our house n our neighbours'... dat was like 15 years ago!!!!!!! scary...

so anywae, diving was great!!!!!! praise God fer journey mercy albeit e rough bus ride back (where xm n me got real sick cos of e swerving n bouncing) n thank God fer safe dives!!!!! not a single shower of rain we experienced... onli 1 heavy downpour after we got back to e main island from our final dive!!!!!!!! God is so good!!!!!!! thanks fer standing in agreement wif us!!!!!!

wa too long never blog liao, plus im damn bored here... so pardon e long n lor soh speech above... ok la post some pics here fer u... taken by e dive shop, Gill Divers... waitin fer more pics from mel's camera!!! ^_^

vin n me!!!!! didnt take many pics durin this trip leh... SHD I BUY A NEW CAMERA OR BUY ANOTHER BATTERY FOR MY CANON IXUS??????????????? *sigh*

OPENWATER DIVERS!!!!!!!! startin from left to rite: timothy (this guy who bravely joined open water course alone), pat, zach (divemaster takin care of us... n xm asked y he is called Z, not Y not X... @_@ hahahaha), su, xm, me, jacki (our super funny n crappy dive instructor)
in this shot, all e zabor supposed to b like dabor, n vice versa... can c how xm n timothy n zach failed... hahaha... joel (another instructor) took this pic fer us n didnt take jacki's big fat butt stickin out like a gu niang!!!!! go n imagine urself... =P
xm, me n timothy... hee so fun takin pic underwater!!!!! =) im wearin cindy's mask dats y its not e same brite yellow mask as e rest... =) her mask v gd one leh... helped vin to identify me from e 'school of fish' (as he called us open water divers) so dat he could fin up to me n poke my face hahahaha

this is meee!!!!!! hahahaha my hair v terok hor? jacki calls me mushroom cos of my new fringe... makes my hair look like a wig n to him it looks like a mushroom... in fact, it does look like a mushroom underwater =P

lilian n me... out of point suddenly put this pic but juz wana update u all on my fringe... can u c dat its back to e slanted look? hahaha...

suddenly i become v tech savvy n do somethin new... enjoy e fotos dat joel (e dive instructor for e advanced divers) uploaded on his blog... weeeee!!!!! tioman tioman!!!!! diving diving!!!!! ^_^

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