Monday, April 16, 2007

e return of e fotos!!!!!!!

seems like ten thousand years since i last blogged... todae will bombard u all wif fotos of my mum's bdae celebration!!!!! ^_^

but first, i will tell u all dat I LOVE FLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so u will b seein alot of flowers pics... cos I LIKE!!!!!!!!!!
n another thing... (i haf to finish tokin b4 i post all e fotos cos maybe some pple onli like to read wat i type cos im so entertainin, n some pple onli like to c pics cos they more visual heh heh... ok la im juz super systematic la, cant mix up things... muz organise either by words then fotos or by topics... but since my next topic is super short, juz type here... wa in e end i tok so much...)

ok e other thing is... WE R GOIN DIVING from 20-22 apr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im real excited r u?????????? ok ya u wun b excited cos u not goin... but u can share in our joy!!!!!!!!!! n pray fer us k?? fer journey mercy... =) 15 of us goin!!!!!!!! im takin basic course n vin's goin fer leisure dive... 4 of us take basic, 3 take advanced n e rest go leisure!!!!!!!!!! whoopie!!!!!! ^_^

e flowers (cream colored roses) juz after i bought em at kovan mkt... dropped my mum at her appointment then rushed over to buy e bouquet durin her appointment... =) boy, was she surprised to c e bouquet... kekeke...

my overjoyed mum... =) btw, its super unglam but beta dat i tell u now rather than u discover it urself... e pic was taken juz outside our kitchen toilet... hahaha... u can c e cistern... =P

after seein e side landscape n potrait view, im sure u wana c e aerial view!!!!!!!!!! so nice hor e roses... *gushes* i love flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

juz to illustrate to u e beauty of flowers... after lookin at this pic, dun u juz simply LOVE FLOWERS???????????? such a thereaputic feelin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

in e end, im too tired to post e rest of e pics we took at olio yesterdae fer my mum's bdae lunch... sori la... todae down wif fever n flu so abit out of sorts... =P