Thursday, March 15, 2007

Brain Fog

i finally found e reason for wat has been buggin me fer e past 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!

Brain fog may be described as a state of confusion or lack of clarity. It can feel like a cloud that reduces your visibility or clarity of mind. It can cause you to become forgetful, detached and often discouraged and depressed.

One of the first things that makes us realize that there is something wrong with us is the inability to perform intellectually like we once did.

This is not the everyday forgetfulness that everyone experiences from time to time. This is a 24 hour, seven day-a-week continual struggle to appear and act normally. It's been proven by SPECT and PET scans of the brain. It really IS all in our heads - and it's real.

Brain fog is very common. It affects thousands of people, children as well as adults. It contributes to school and work problems, low self-esteem, accidents, unhappy relationships and even crime and delinquency. Although it is common, it is not a recognized diagnosis, either in medicine or psychology. Some people have been this way for most of their life and think this is normal. Brain fog can have many causes - physical, biochemical, emotional and even spiritual.

Low blood pressure may occur. The adrenal hormones increase blood pressure. Adrenal exhaustion causes reduced blood pressure, which may impair circulation to the brain and contribute to dizziness and confusion. Brain scans may show hypoperfusion, which means reduced blood flow to certain areas.

So what do you do? Perhaps you're still working and notice you are unable to even grasp the simplest part of those new forms you have to use. Perhaps people are noticing that glazed-over look you have as you struggle to understand a new instruction. Maybe you're watching the Weather Channel because it's the only channel that makes sense. You're forgetting to take the garbage out. The list is endless on how this cognitive dysfunction can effect your life.

Your personality is changing. You're no longer as spontaneous as you used to be because everything coming into your brain has to be sifted for importance - for nuances you used to catch easily. You're struggling to react appropriately to everyday situations - and it's a constant effort which adds to our stress. The good news is that Brainfog is reversible, or, at least, the progression can be halted with medications. In fact, the SPECT scan pictures above are actually of a CFIDS brain pre and post treatment (although Harvard neglects to tell us what the treatment involved).

There are anecdotal messages on the lists on various herbs and medications that have helped. Co-enzyme Q10 150mg a day seems to help many people, including myself. Gingko Biloba has adherents. Dr. Lapp says low dose Ritalin seems to jump start the brain (and I find that to be true). NADH helps some people. Neurontin may help with lessening of brainfog.

did a test... n e results r below...

You have significant brain fog

You may be experiencing severe episodes of brain fog and mental confusion and should seek professional medical care to discuss potential causes and treatments. Brain fog can feel like you've been drugged -- similar to being stoned, confused and disoriented without the accompanying pleasurable "high." It can be triggered for many reasons, including decreased estrogen production during menopause, low blood sugar, food allergies, stress, poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Other conditions, including Alzheimer's disease, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or an underactive thyroid could also be contributing to your brain fog and mental confusion.Get more information about possible reasons for your forgetfulness: Hormones Stress Nutrition Depression

ok i've had enuff of research... basically im either depressed or lack exercise or not eatin nutritious food... so strange hor this kinda things aso can exist...?!

covet ur prayers n do stand n agreement wif me dat this foggy brain thing will b gone in Jesus' name!!!!!

(now u noe y i seem to b not concentratin when u r tokin to me rite...)