Monday, February 05, 2007


apologies... there r no pics todae... no inspiration leh... guess its those '5 min hot degree' thing... oh my gosh, so singlish man... reminds me of e gd ol' daes when we would sae 'horse horse tiger tiger la'... ooo cant think of anymore... maybe my std of engrish is too powderful liao... kekeke... so anywae im back to my full-of-words bloggin daes... so dan, im sori u will THINK u r goin blind... BUT U WILL NOT B BLIND COS JESUS HAS TAKEN AWAY OUR SICKNESS N DISEASE!!!! so i can continue writin in tiny fonts... wahahaha... (btw, u can go to view>text size>largest la then no need to squint so much ma... heh heh)

anywaez, im feelin kinda bored todae n recently haf been thinkin when i shd b takin my block leave... so wonderin where i shd go... so far onli 2 options:

1) Hawaii - so wow wow wow rite??? kekeke... all thanks to lance n michelle who kindly offered their place fer vin n me to camp over fer a couple of daes while we r visitin their island... e place is like super exotic lor!!! all e names is like... duno how to pronounce one lor... they live on o'ahu... tell me, do u read it like OH ahu or o-ah-HU... or wat? hahaha... tryin to figure it out now is alreadi tickling me...

wanted this part to b a short paragraph but i cant resist tellin u guyz more abt wat i discovered... super interestin lor e place!!! guess wat... they haf an island called... 'Big Island'... SO CUTE RITE??? e rest is o'ahu, kauai (read it wif a chinese accent n it sounds like obedient... or worse still, weird?!), maui (i guess we read it like maori?) then suddenly u haf an island wif an english name!!! y sia??? i guess wif more research on e history i might juz find out... eh dun think im laffin at em hor!!! i juz find it amusing n interestin... bet when they google 'singapore travel' n c sengkang, hougang, potong pasir, they muz b wonderin wat in e world these places r called... let alone when they c lim ah kow road... (got this road or not ah?? lemme check ok dun haf... got lim tua tow road...)

2) Vancouver - eddy has been askin us to go over since he went back like yearsss ago... not onli vin n me but everyone in charis is invited HAHAHA... so every year i will tell him maybe im goin, onli to sae pai sei, no money this year, cant travel... or pai sei, budget tight this year, go vietnam nia... kekeke... this time, i told him, dec winter time leh... so cold i buey tahan... but then, it might b an experience after all rite... so aso considerin loh... onli drawback is dat ive been there... 10 YEARS AGO!!! ooo so long ago leh... if i never blog abt it i aso wun realise its so long ago... heh heh... lidat maybe can convince myself to go again hor? hmmm... u c i haf this mentality to try not to go to e same place again... so if i haf been to vietnam liao rite, then i wun go again la... unless biz trip, dats a diff story... dat one no need to pay...

BUT THEN BOTH PLACES NEED AT LEAST SGD 4K EACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* sad rite... so reali need to think twice, thrice, many thousand times n consider e budget... ANYWHERE ELSE WE CAN GO????? priority would b of cos to visit our frens overseas so we can STAY AT THEIR PLACES FOR FREE!!!!!!!! WAHAHAHAHA... aiyah but dat aside, its beta la cos they noe e place so well, can advice us beta on wat hostels to stay at, which local tour agencies to travel wif, b our point of contact in case some trouble comes upon us (abit paranoid after our vietnam trip... we almost got conned in hanoi lorrrr... thank God fer danielle whom we were stayin wif in hcm)... guess its cos im not adventurous enuff to live like a backpacker - anyhow travel arnd overseas not noein anyone there... feel so much safer noein dat theres someone in e country dat i can depend on... kiasi attitude man... IM SO PROUD OF SINGAPORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kiasu kiasi kiabo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

so ya loh, ANYONE WE CAN VISIT????????????????


actually thailand reali played super well n they scored a super beautiful goal man... a header n a volley sia!!! reali impressed... didnt noe asian football can b so exciting... after watchin spore malaysia, i was like triple yawn cos of e slow pace... but thailand reali upped e std by forcin spore to up level their play man...

i hereby crown Lionel Lewis as MOM!!!!!!! y nobody toked abt him??? keep tokin abt strikers strikers... come on!!!!!!!! thailand attacked most of e time n lewis saved e balls left rite centre!!!!!!!! waaa impressive sia!!!!!!!! n y is there no hype abt noh rahman who appeared from nowhere when lewis was side stepped away from e goal... e ball was on tgt n it was like rite in front of e goal line lor!!! but noh rahman saved e dae by divin into e line of fire n shocked e thai team!!!!!!!!!!

i shd call e above part e 'alternative commentary to e typical "striker n goals save e dae news" articles'... cant believe it... juz like in a company, pple onli focus on e sexy stuff like revenue n forget dat an equally impt piece is e dirty stuff like expenses lor... no defence = a battle of who scores more goals... then soccer might as well b a 9 min match wif 10 players lined up at each side of e field n c which team can score more goals... durh! hahaha ok la so ji dong for wat... in e end, darren won ma... oh oops! im tokin abt e ASEAN football championship hor?? kekeke...

then again, mediacorp muz b earnin tons of money loh... those oldies will watch soccer, while e young hot-blooded youths will watch superstar... (oh m i sayin dat i m an oldie? oh wateva... hahaha... means u-who-r-readin-this is most prob an oldie too kekeke...) so yesterdae is based on sms votin or wat? anywae if diya won, i b shell-shocked lor... cos i NEVER SAW A SINGLE PUBLICITY ADVERT ON DIYA AT ALL... but saw darren's publicity at least 4 times... saes alot abt e power of media huh... they can brain wash u INDIRECTLY to tell u DIRECTLY who they wan u to vote for hor? cheyyy wateva la... in e end, wat happen to e superstars? not v super... they shd juz go n do a commercial fer SUPER... at least lidat they still SUPER stars...

dat bein said, y does sin huey appear to b more popular than kelly? cos she agrees to wear more skimpy clothes? cos she tries to dance exotic dance? but i muz sae her vocals r definitely more powerful than kelly... n to add to it, kelly not nai kan... sin huey can 'fang dian' (as anthony loves to tell all his students n e superstar contestants) so... she win la... life is all abt fang dian actually... y guys alwayz fall for big eye gals? cos they (knowingly or unknowingly, i duno la) alwayz fang dian wif their big doe eyes... (pity my eyes not v big heh heh... but then again, as vin will ask me, who do i need to dian? kekeke ok thank God fer my cartoon like eyes!!!)

m i impressive or wat? i managed to tok so much???!!!!!! rita aso v impressed by me dat i can type so much... maybe i like to use alot of words to describe somethin v insignificant la... but oh well... help me to keep myself bz la hor? todae super few pple in office loh... even e finance pple all duno go where... all 'wk from home' which most of e time means 'not wkin at all cos bz takin care of kids or bz findin a gd position to sleep on their queen size bed'... e onli noise fer this afternoon is 'dak dak dak dak dak' comin from a lone cubicle... yours truly... n guess wat... e sound is cos im furiously typin in this blog lor!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHA okok shhhhhhhh dun tell others ah... kekekeke... =P

oh oh oh!!!!!!! i made another discovery yesterdae lor!!!!!!!! actually alot more pple r readin this blog leh... n i tot its onli my frens... HAHAHAHA... ok la got san san aso la... but i tot e onli frens-of-vin who read this blog is juz san san... but apparently got more loh... so i beta ahem!! try to b more prim n proper lest they think vin is mad fer hafin a gf like me... *arranges skirt n crosses legs nicely*

till next time my dear frens... *waves elegantly n does a ms spore catwalk away*

*turns round to peep if vin's frens r gone*

*trips n falls*