Monday, January 15, 2007

We r 1 1/2 years old!!! =)

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa allow me to share our joy wif all of u!!!!!! ^_^

hmmm actually not exactly super long la hor? but hey! thank God for seein us through... n thank God fer all of u who r part of our lives n haf blessed us wif ur frenship... =)

went to pregos fer dinner yesterdae n e swordfish was HEAVENLY!!!!! enjoy e pics n DROOL!!!!! =P

there was some asparagus which we gobbled up alreadi n part of e fish aso swam into our tummies too... look look look!!! we had part of e food n still e presentation is still so nice!!! imagine how u would haf felt when u were sittin in front of e dish wif e fish starin at u in ur eyes... YUMMY!!!!!

we had linguine too which at first was not reali nice cos e sauce juz keeps goin back to e bottom n cant mix well... so it was a little dry... but mid way into e dish, it juz got tastier n tastier as we could savor more n more of e sauce... sedap!!!

went to ben's 21st bdae celebration at aloha changi (which is super duper ulu n old n dirty but v cheap fer civil servants considerin e vast space n many rooms n beds)... but hey we had tons of fun man!!! this is onli a part of e many many many pple who went man... maybe 80 pple went ah?! izit ah ben? (stole this foto n e foto below from ben's blog hahaha)

juz to reiterate on how mad we all became after playin n laffin so much... =P alot of fotos this time hor??? kekeke wish can post more but this is enuff to whet ur appetite fer more next time... ^_^