Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's my birthday!!! ^_^

Rita n mei ling were sayin juz now dat as u get older, e presents get lesser... v true leh... as u get older, pple tend to juz bring u out fer meals or juz send an sms... hahaha guess dats life... as pple get older, less energy to do things... kekeke... but i reali appreciate all who remembered this dae of my life!!! ^_^ most pple rem my bdae cos its in their hp calendars!!! so smart!!! hee... i alwayz write in my organiser then when i change to a new one each year, all e bdaes get lost... so pardon me if i forget urs... =P

that brings me to my hp shoppin again... =) need to get a gd fone which can b my organiser so i can key all e impt dates in it n FOREVER REMEMBER UR BDAESSSSSS ^_^ so i decided not to get a pda cos so far, the reviews haf been BAD BAD BAD... O2 and Dopod alwayz hang... HP is ugly... Sony Ericsson is too bulky... must remember that my criteria is WiFi!!!

so i decided to get... *drums rollin* N80!!!!!!! but the drawback is e camera does not haf autofocus... n its a tad bit bulky... other than that... heard dat its slow... but think shd b fine... meanwhile, will continue THE HUNT... n hopefully by dec 22nd can decide on a fone so i can BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!

went to Kuishin-Bo jap restaurant last nite wif joyce/grace/norman fer my bdae celebration n wah sehzzz its a huge spread man!!!!! sadly couldnt haf enuff stomach to try EVERYTHIN... but it was real fun rushin wif joyce to get e half hour specials HAHAHA... it was so funny cos once e person announces 'ladies and...', joyce n i will:
1) sit straight up n our faces will light up n we will look at each other (regardless of whether we were engaged in an interestin conversation wif norman n grace or doin somethin else); then
2) we would stand up n try to look like we were glamorously catwalkin to get more food (while tryin extremely hard to stop giggling excitedly) when actually we were wishin our legs were longer n our strides were bigger so that we could b e first 30 to get e specials... HAHAHAHA...


(even though we were full to e brim but somehow our bodies controlled us... its e singaporean spirit in us la... )

*we are singapore, we are singapore
we will stand together, hear e lion roar*

hmmm maybe i shd sing it like this...

*we are singapore, we are singapore
we will grab e specials, at e food galore*

okok anywaez had a real smashin time wif em n learnt a few hokkien sentences from francis which i would MOST GLADLY TEACH ALL OF U!!!!!!!!!!!! so please ask me ask me wat i learnt!!!!!!!!! hahaha joyce, hold francis back if he rushes after me wif a parang when we go to wesley... HAHAHAHHAA =P