Thursday, November 23, 2006

wats goin on?

extracted from Prime Time with God
God, sometimes I wonder why in the world I go through the things I do. What lesson is it that I am supposed to learn? I rejoice in the times You have allowed me to have "faith experiences"--times that have tested and strengthened my faith in You. I know that faith experiences are usually not easy, but they end up being a blessing in disguise. Please, hold me up and keep me from stumbling. Continue to bless me that I may be a blessing to others and to You. Work through me so that my faith experiences will be a testimony to help others who need a special touch. I love You, Lord. In Jesus' name, amen.

someone mentioned dat i love to extract things from Prime Time with God. cos i was tellin e person dat vin writes well unlike me... either full of mundane stuff or tryin to share abt some Christian stuff but in a not so deep wae... i share more on my experiences whereas vin would b more of like a teacher n expound on truths n stuff... im more shallow maybe? kekeke... but i rather believe dat im a more FEELING person but vin is a more THINKING person... sounds gd? *nods*

anywaez life is ok... jem asked me last nite y i alwayz sae my dae/week is ok onli? but wat else can i sae? im sad, real sad, lost, real lost, but no i dun wana focus on dat cos wateva u focus on will magnify... y wallow in self-pity n depression when we can look toward God n things will get beta... i feel like a tadpole in a huge ocean... struggling to stay alive, struggling for gasps of air, but fixin my eyes on e sun, noein dat as long as i fix my eyes there, i cant go too far off n start sinkin into e deep ends of e ocean...

gona change my hairstyle this sat... nothin can b worse than now... =P look forward to seein me from sat onwards!!!!!

in case we forget my hairstyle b4 e cut... this is it... vin n me on my bdae... ^_^

vin is goin abroad... will miss him... his bdae is comin!!!! ^_^