Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Interesting sights on a trip to the barber

finally vin decided to cut his hair so we took a stroll to everton park from his place on sat afternoon... n hey hey hey!!! never knew spore can b so interestin hahaha... n guess wat, e below 2 SIGHTINGS were spotted by da man himself - Mr Vincent Goh!!! =)

u might b thinkin... so wat if its spotted by vin... eh!!! *knock knock* if vin n jean goes out together, usually jean is e mad bird lookin around n spottin weird things then vin will c e things n laff at jean's madness... but this time its e reverse!!! n these things, since its spotted by vin, is confirm not as bo liao as e things i spot la... (yes, u can c dat i m enticin u to read further)

ooo b4 i continue, lemme tell u guyz my decision!!! after e success of e 'zui kuey post' together wif many raves from my fans (hahaha)... i decided fotos r e wae to go... so i will blog wif tons of fotos since i haf my beautiful N80-in-black... *hao lian look*

im sori, loh soh me wans to sae another thing... u noe my bag rite... I THINK ITS NOT CLEAN LEH!!!!! cos yesterdae n todae got an ant appear on my arms every 5-10 mins fer abt 20 min... ok la so onli 2-3 ants per dae... but dats alot leh!!! how many of u haf even 1 ant on ur arm per dae???!!! *grumbles* ok fine, so its onli fer these 2 daes la... but still?!...

so i was starin at my bag this mornin n guess wat... THE ANTS CAME FROM MY BAG LOR!!! or so i think... actually i still duno... but i saw 2 ants on my bag, so i guess it has to b from my bag la... n y leh?! I THINK ITS E ZUI KUEY LAAA... sian rite... can never get rid of e nitemare... *sigh* if onli there was an area in my office where i can sun my bag... u noe like those washin area where we can hang our clothes dry on e roof top on a bamboo-stick? nmind i m gona leave my bag on my desk in e open n hope e ants find e air outside fresher n they all come out to play n i will KILL THEM ALL... grrr... oops... pai sei revealed my dark side... =P

alamak! pai sei leh... i reali loh soh hor?? kekeke... thank God fer blogs dat seem to haf no space limit where i can yak all i wan n u all can come here to read anytime u wan n thus can noe all e things dat go on in a day of jean's life... of cos u wana noe wat vin's thinkin aso rite? (hint to vin: we wana c u post n not onli comment la... kekeke)

wat is vin lookin at man? like so amazed lidat rite?? bet u r bendin forward n squintin at ur computer screen to stare at wats in his line of vision... =P

tada!!!!!!!!! v cute hor? actually it has some green thing on its crown dat makes it look like a red mangosteen!!! ok children, repeat after me: palm tree... one more time! palm tree... v gd!!! this is a palm tree!!! bet u never c e red fruits b4 rite??? usually its unripe n its green in colour (e fruits i mean)

a closer view of e abundance of palm tree fruits... scully i tok so much then some ecologist comment n sae dat i m totally n utterly wrong... dat this is not palm tree... hahaha... ok la if im wrong, please tell me lest i mislead everyone here into finally realising wat dat tree-dat-alwayz-appears-in-every-neighbourhood is... scully pple who noe plants n vegetation v well r not called ecologists!!! hahaha... sometimes i wonder if im a university graduate... alamak dun lidat la... sooo many years ago learn one how to rem?! pri sch till now sooo many years leh!!! how many ah? 1, 2, 3... 7, 8... ok i give up...

can u c wat is e strange thing in this pic? *eerie music*..... wat thing?? *screams* u sure u sure u sure?????

heh did u all guess correctly?? this is e extremely strange thing... but then on hindsight... i think vin is stranger... cos when walkin on a sheltered walkway, y would u b lookin at wats above ur head??? great i foresee pple thinkin, 'cos dun wana look at u so look up ma...' ok shucks, juz pretend dat i didnt sae e above... =P

can u c e cat??? so strange rite?? how in e world did it get up there??? but then again, e famous spottiswoode cats r super acrobatic n can lie anywhere they wish... on cars (regardless of how expensive e car is)... errr... come to think abt it, i onli c em on cars leh... but its like 3-4 lyin on e cars in a row, as if e cars r their thrones in their carpark palace lor... its like wa seh... reali no government one leh...

anywae we went along to vin's barber n got him a nice haircut... dats y i alwayz sae... if u look gd, no matter wat kinda hair/clothes/accessories u haf, u will look gd one... so no need to show u all pic, u all aso noe vin looks gd in his new haircut la... ok yes i hear ur pukes... WAHAHAHAHAHA juz wanted to make sure u r still wif me... ^_^

another post dat i wana blog abt but later la... later information overload fer u all hahaha... laters!! adios amigos!!~~