Monday, January 22, 2007

juz another bo liao post... dun sae i never warn u ah... kekeke

Your grace is sufficient for me
Your strength is made perfect when I am weak
All that I cling to, I lay at Your Feet
Your grace is sufficient for me...

started todae's post wif a song dats humming in my mind now... such a powerful song... reminds us dat our God is a sovereign God n He is Almighty n powerful n NOTHIN is too big fer Him... He will not put us through wat we cannot bear... so yippee doodle doo!!! God is good!!! ^_^

okok check out these pics... super funny... at least to me la... ok i beta give a background of these pics... this is e first time i m postin pics which dun haf myself in it n is not related to vin nor me... errr ok wateva, u get e drift when u c e pics...

so im postin this cos e guys gladly agreed to pose fer me after much coercing n after i took e pics, i promised em dat i will post it on my blog so all e pretty ladies out there readin this blog will fall in love wif em n beg me fer their no n they can haf a whole queue of admirers!!! hahaha...

while lookin at e pics, do rem dat e 2nd pic of each individual is taken after much coercing... so nice of em to pose fer me... kekeke...

amos sleeping in XS room... dun u think ernie looks weird? cos e head is facin out but e arms look like they r hugging amos... so strange...

alamak v tak glam hor?! ok sori amos... this one dun turn out well... okok dun focus on this pic!!! look at e first one then... kekeke... btw, amos HAS A FAN CLUB!!! so fer those who wana join, kindly sign up wif e PRESIDENT OF E FAN CLUB - AMOS!!!!! =)

presenting to u... MR WEWEMY HO!!! same surname as me n same jc as me!!!!! of cos not same age as me la... he was upset cos i dun rem y... maybe cos i didnt allow him to pose his glam shot w/o his specs... or maybe cos i was laffin too hard at him when he did his glam pose... but i forgot wat i said to him n TA DA!!!!!!! look at him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH okok hold ur horses gals!!!!!!!!!! onli apply if u r below 18!!!!!!!!!! ok la, his name is actually JEREMY la... kekeke... u muz b wonderin y in e world does this guy haf such a strange name... coincidence coincidence!!! amos' elder brother is aso called jeremy!!!!!!!

there there there!!! jeremy!!! amos' brother!!! look like or not??? e one in e white shirt standin... 2nd from top rite... ok nmind i think too small u aso cant c la hor? =P ok time to take more pics on my fone!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

*shocked* i broke my 4 fotos record!!! now e record stands at 5!!!!!!!!! *applause* *bows* guess u all prefer to c fotos than read alot of words aso la hor? ya dats wat i prefer to aso actually hahaha... made easier wif my new fone so gd fer all of us!!! till e next time... adios!!! =)

(told you all its a bo liao post... HAHAHAA... not bad leh u all can last all e wae to here... *pats on back*)