Wednesday, January 31, 2007

my new fren, vin's new buddy n my long lost source of joy

i seem to haf a slight pressure to perform... in e past, my posts were full of rubbish n i received lotsa complaints... now it has evolved to b entertainin to a big bunch of u n im so glad dat i can b part of ur life (indirectly) again!!! weee!!!

so i wonder... how to continue entertainin e masses... i figured, no need to b stressed la... actually i haf not changed... still continuin by incessant ramblings, juz dat i added fotos to substantiate e things dat im tokin abt... maybe i can capture e moments... or maybe now u guyz can relate more to wat im tokin abt cos u can c it n u find it hilarious?! or maybe its e topics dat im tokin abt... haha ok nmind wateva... as long as i can bring a SMILE to ur face n hopefully an outburst of laughter in ur quiet office cubicle... =)

but anywae lemme introduce my new fren - e pink octopus ^_^

felt dat she bein so cute, doesnt deserve to b not known by e public... so hold ur breath as i unveil e georgous beauty...heh couldnt resist to fit vin's bdae prez to me in e pic to show u all... if u stare real closely n hard enuff, u can c my fav foto of e week... e biggest one on top... vin lookin so gd n me lookin so glam (which is strange cos its wif e previous terrible haircut dat most pple didnt like)... anywaez octy is not there originally, but i placed her there cos she looks real cute wif 1 tentacle restin on e foto base... like so saye lidat HAHAHAHAHA

now u noe y i sae she is not known to e world rite??? so poor thing hor? hidin in a small corner... she's been at my desk fer a week but i bet u my colleagues haf not noticed her... RITA FOO!!!!! COME VISIT OCTY ONE DAE AH!!!!! rita's my colleague-and-fav-tok-rubbish-khaki n she is now a introvert-blog-reader!!!!! ^_^

now let's move on to vin's new buddy... *drums rollin* mr braun aka electric shaver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

looks so man rite????? waaa im sooo excited abt it leh... it was supposed to b a V dae gift fer vin but after buyin it in e afternoon, i couldnt help but juz give it to vin at nite... kekekeke... no more cuts on his face anymore!!!!! n he can walk arnd e house while he shaves!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

check out the soft case for travelling!!!!! hmmm how come my hand looks so sickly??? like ghastly white sia... aiyah nmind la not bad fer a CAMERA FONE liao loh... hiaks... u noe i realised N80 camera has sooo many functions but when i try, there seems to b no difference between portrait shot n landscape shot... maybe i duno how to compose e pic... wateva... gime time... i WILL MASTER E ART OF FOTOGRAPHY... >_<

cant resist but to give u all a crash course on all-to-do-abt-electric-shavers... cos within 2 daes i had to learn everythin i could abt men n their best fren-who-keeps-em-lookin-great

1) did u noe dat men shave up to a football pitch in 18 mths??? wa seh its like ALOT LOR!!!!! fainted rite???
2) there r 2 kinds of electric shavers: rotary blade n (alamak i forget e term) let's juz call it foil shaver. rotary blade is more for fat faces (as salesman A told me) but salesman B said dat cos rotary blade is so flexible, it wun give a clean shave fer fat faces... anywae e conclusion of e story is dat foil shaver is beta cos can haf cleaner shave (forget e other benefits liao leh)

alamak... dats all i can rem after my 2 lunchtime crash courses... actually its more of i choose not to rem cos i onli needed to noe all this info at a point in time so i stored em in my RAM n not hard drive... after makin e best decision on e spot liao, beta free up e RAM fer other things... these things r best known by e men emselves...

bet by now u r dyin to noe who/wat is my long lost source of joy rite??? (so thick-skin i noe... as if u wana noe me so much... but hey, if u dun, then y read until here???!!! kekeke)

heh... u tot which guy's pic im gona post rite??? its pao pao cha loh!!!!! so long never drink liao rite???? (in order to rush this post out, while waitin fer my meetin later, i quickly run in here to type all this out... then e spy caught me doin it... hope e spy dun run to e government to sound e alarm bells sia... kekeke) then again, i muz sae i m mad these daes... especially this week... i feel dat i m super hyper n tok too much of rubbish... muz start to tone down... anywaez, i LOVE RED PEARL MILK TEA!!!!! ESPECIALLY E PEARLS!!!!!!!! SO CHEWY N NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ^_^


No longer would it b called THE ZUI KUEY BAG
No longer would it burn in the hells of zui kuey...

cos it is now BACK TO NORMAL!!!!! *blinkin lights n flashing symbols (which i duno how to put on my blog)*

curious to noe how i did it??? ^_^ the power of... NEWSPAPERS!!!!!!!!!! my bag still had e smell of zui kuey n wats worse is dat it was e STALE smell of zui kuey... meanin dat if i didnt find a wae to get rid of it, my beautiful mango bag-that-was-given-to-me-by-vin-as-a-bdae-present would b smellin like a dead rat fer e rest of its life!!!!!!!!!

then i remembered dat shopping centres like to stuff newspapers into bags to fluff it up n amazingly, e interior of e bag wun smell so leathery n crap... so i decided to try usin newspapers... (since newspapers can b used in so many waes: cleanin mirrors, cleanin windows, cleanin stains on surfaces... surely it can remove smells too rite??? *hopeful look*)

but of cos, after tokin so much, u shd noe dat all stories haf a hapi ending n yes, my bag no longer smells all thanks to My Paper (so sad that my laptop doesnt allow me to write in chinese)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))))))