Friday, March 16, 2007

hellooo i cut my hair!!!

heh heh u muz b thinkin 'AGAIN?????!!!!!!!!!' kekeke... aiyah ok la its juz a trim to e fringe n my length... not much difference la... but then hor... leave u to c urself... =P

my fringe was slanted... can c????? ok maybe this pic not v obvious... show u another one...

now can c e slanted fringe???? more obvious here rite???? waaaaa vin n me look so super cool man... like hollywood stars HAHAHAHAHAHA... ok fine... we r beta than dat rite?? kekekeke... =P

alamak look like alien... ok took some pics wif vin over e weekend on our visit to sentosa... so hope this one can make do la... altho we dun look dat gd... but juz focus on e fringe ok??? =P

but then again, think u all aso cant c e difference hor? hmmm... aiyah!!! nmind laaaaaaa... then share wif u all another thing!!!! went wif vin to watch 'magical sentosa' aka 'musical fountain' n i tell u... i was astounded by e kiasu attitude of e non-singaporeans!!!!! =(

wanted to take a pic to show u all but my camera battery failed me AGAIN (canon ixus batt life is SUPER SHORT) n N80 of cos is onli a camera fone, n cant take nite shots as well... so too bad... cant SHOW u all how jialat e situation was... (speakin of which, N80 no gd one leh... sony ericsson can take much nicer shots n has beta color resolution, has image stabilizer n blah blah...)

anywaez... it was 750 when we reached e main gate to check out e crowd fer e 840 show... pple we seated arnd e arena outside e gates n there were pple standin arnd n others seated in e garden outside... by 8, there was a huge crowd (maybe 80 pple?) crowdin at e gates so e pple in charge used e loudspeaker n asked everyone to find a seat cos gates onli open at 830... so slowly pple started to look fer seats... (but there were still some 30 plus pple standin arnd)

at 810, e 740 show ended n it was like an unspoken call fer everyone to stand up n rush to e gates to crowd arnd... abt 180 pple crowded there (packed like sardines) n e pple in charge announced again fer everyone to sit down cos they were not gona open e gates yet... but guess wat? onli abt 15 pple moved??? e rest? didnt understand english??? even after e 2nd announcement, maybe another 30 pple moved to find seats?

conclusion: who said singaporeans r e kiasu ones????? EVERYONE IS KIASU LOR!!!!!!!!!

in fact, its e singaporeans who were seated arnd all e time!!!!!! im sori, my patriotic self juz couldnt help but burst out... so irritating dat everyone label us as kiasu when its not us who were e ones pushin n squeezin n shoutin to each other to go to which gap in e crowd to squeeze... *rolls eyes*

i say: its others who like to complain abt us dat label us as kiasu!!!!!!! =(((((((((((((( u mean they dun form long queues fer sales? if u watch Mr Bean, u notice dat e pple formed long queues wae b4 e sale started rite??? its not onli us who form long queues to buy hello kitty toys rite...

n how come u all never yak yak yak in e tag box liao???