Wednesday, March 21, 2007

dedicated to you all anonymous statistics

i drafted this post in my head on e wae to meet vin after wk yesterdae... inspired by e sisters: rita n april (APRIL!!!!!!!!! FIRST TIME UR NAME MENTIONED IN MY BLOG!!!!!!! SO FUN RITE!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA)

anywae, they v cute one leh... they would check my blog pretty regularly n april will noe abt e things dat happen to me n tell rita (who sees me everydae) n rita will b shocked dat her sis noe when she didnt c or tok to me... =P

so yesterdae rita was tokin abt my ugly back n sae maybe cos e sun at sentosa aggravated it... then i was shocked how she noe i went sentosa then realised i blogged abt it... then we toked n toked n started tokin abt her sister, april... there was a dae when april's office servers were down or somethin then she couldnt send her mails, so bein bored she went to read my blog then told rita dat i cut my fringe... kekeke... i like e wae dat we all keep in touch this wae... dat u all noe wats goin on in my life... tell u a secret: i alreadi haf a draft post fer jul07... hope i can manage to post it... if i do... yippee!!!!!!! =) go n guess wat i wana post... u will NEVER guess... =P

so anywae, todae's post is dedicated to YOU. yes YOU. stop lookin arnd cos theres no one else beside u in ur cubicle...

i was thinkin... y does e counter at e side bar jump so much everydae but theres no 'life' in this blog... onli me yakkin n yakkin away... i feel like some uni lecturer givin a super animated presentation wif 4D slides (wat is e 4th dimension btw? vin jokingly told me its time... but im sure its not... but i forgot to ask him further) but my students (yes, im tokin abt YOU) juz stare at me, like mannequins sittin on e chairs... dun even noe if u r there... HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *waves vigorously*

y not u juz click on e tag board on e left side of ur screen, type ur name, n say 'hi'...? juz 2 characters... ok too much? how abt '-'? juz a dash... not too tough rite?? =) huh??? lidat aso cant do?? *thinks* ok la!!!!!! type e below...

ya la... nothin la... juz empty space... but of cos put ur name la... kekeke...

u noe y or not? i find it so amusing when within a dae or 2 from e time i post somethin, my frens will email/msn/sms me to comment abt my post - there is so much life goin on as a result of my posts but it takes place outside of e blog space but not in it!!!!!!!!! my poor blog muz b feelin so lonely... =P

v cute one leh e life dat goes on outside of e blog... like my dear joyce, email me on e dae 'u sure u got brain fog or not?' ok la it was a long email, too long to post a comment in my blog, n yes it was more personal this wae... but it b nice to c ur big name somewhere in my blog wif ur most treasured comments too... then there were pple like eddy who aso tell me he got brain fog!!!!!!! hello my fren!!!!! hahaha but then again, yes i wana sae, WE DUN HAF BRAIN FOG NO MORE!!!!! IN JESUS' NAME WE R HEALED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

guess sometimes we r down abt somethin then a teeny thing enters into our lives then we will jump at it as e excuse fer how we r feelin... like i jump at e brain fog to explain my sian-ness... then half wallow in self-pity, half think dat its alrite fer me to continue like this cos i haf a legitimate reason: cos im sick ma!!!! but no, cant let this bring us down... cos we can walk in divine health cos Jesus died on e cross fer our sins n diseases so no more of such things!!!!!!

so u, who is tellin urself dat u dun feel well todae... actually its e cao geng attitude cos u sian of wkin or too tired liao!!!!!!!!! hahaha do i sound like a fanatic to u????????? ok la i mean dun take it to extremes la! if u got gun shot liao then still sae u r well n no need to go hospital then dats not rite la... but u noe wat i mean rite... sometimes we juz allow ourselves to b sick so we can juz nua at home, but actually we can dun b sick or dun feel certain waes one...

my gosh... i toked so much???? ok i hand e time over to u, ladies n gentlemen... my dear students, amaze me wif ur speeches!!!!!!!! =))))))))))))))))))