Thursday, March 29, 2007

who said there is no free lunch?

my fren brought me fer lunch yesterdae at spore's 1st self-grilled yakitori place!!!!!!! of cos who noes if its 1st or not but dats besides e point... hahahaha... e point is... ITS SUPER FUN TO GRILL UR OWN YAKITORI!!!!!!!! slowly eat, slowly grill, tok tok tok, laff laff laff... dats e life man!!!!!! (but disclaimer ah... b prepared dat u will step out of e restaurant smellin like a yakitori!!!!!!!!!!!)

fer those who r curious... its called sumi yakitori at centerpoint B2... show u pics!!!!!!! so fun!!!!!!!! =))))))))

this is wat u c b4 everythin starts... e grill is covered n e charcoal is underneath... totally like bbq!!!!!! except its in an air conditioned environment, u haf seats n u haf waiters/waitresses to serve u n change ur plates all e time... =)

this is e appetiser!!!!!!! so cool rite!!!!!!! eat vege fer appetiser!!!!!!! so healthy leh... next time whenever im hungry, wana eat healthy vege as snacks instead of munchin on biscuits/unhealthy food... ok yes e aspiring housewife rants on again... =P

check out e salmon sashimi!!!!!!!! so thick n so many!!!!!!!! e tomato is SUPER NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! so big n fresh n sweet n e sauce is simply delicious!!!!!!!! it tastes so much like e salad sauce dat vin bought back from japan... can juz drink it leh... *drools*
tempura!!!!!!!!! e batter is VERY NICEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n e prawn is so big... so big dat after this stage, we were full liao hahaha =P

e corn is DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sweet n tasty!!!!!!!! they use e corn dat my mum alwayz buys... e mulit-color corn... actually errr onli got 2 colors la... yellow n white... kekeke... rem when u buy corn, onli buy this kinda corn ok??? =)

food... food... n more food... =P

this is wat u will c after removin e entire heating thing... think its e blower dat keeps e charcoal burning... cool huh?? =) wanted to take n post more pics of this but... this post is alreadi too long liao hahaha... n i got another thing to share wif u all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

movin on to e next event yesterdae... MR BEAN!!!!!!!!!!! vin tot it was v funny... me? ok la... some parts were real funny... some parts plain irritating (u noe la... mr bean is irritatingly evil rite... so its expected hahaha...) but dats not e point!!!!!!!! todae is not abt a movie review but abt wat happened...

1 hr into e show, when mr bean was in e car wif a lady... e screen went dark... i tot to myself 'wow first time directors use such effects... interestin...'

e cinema was quiet fer 2min... i mean, e sounds continued but nobody made any noise...

then pple started to get restless n someone behind me sayin 'wa they hafin sex ah?'... slowly pple started to realise dat there was a technical fault n someone behind stood up n hit e control room window...

BANG BANG BANG!!!!!!!!!!!

finally after 3min, e star of e dae (this man from e middle row) stood up n ran up e stairs to e control room n banged on it too... still no head popped out... so he ran down e stairs to go out n everyone applauded him n cheered... HAHAHAHAHA... white shirt man saves e dae...

so anywae, in e end, yes it was a technical fault n vin n me now can go back to suntec anytime we wan to watch mr bean AGAIN...

our tix were free from uob visa mini n it was row C (3rd row from e front)... so now we can go fer e movie again wif beta seats!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!! so blessed!!!!!!!! kekeke... =OP