Thursday, April 24, 2008

PHOTOSHOOT!!! *snap snap snap*

hee... thanks for all your concern... the photoshoot went FANTASTICALLY WELL!!!!! =)))))

super happy loh... ^_^ praise God praise God praise God!!!! let me count our blessings:

1) my evening gown was MIRACULOUSLY revamped on saturday - remember i said that my evening gown was done wrongly??? they amazingly managed to get another piece of cloth to redo it!!! (and my designer kept emphasizing the fact that he cant find the cloth anymore... the cloth stories are simply baffling... always comes up at the appropriate moments but when you try to link the whole story together, it simply doesnt make sense...)

2) the lace for my evening gown was the color i wanted - my designer said that 'just for you ah, i went down to the factory PERSONALLY to dye it to the color you wanted!!!' give it up to him... 3 cheers on how he manage to give me what i want just 3 days before my photoshoot... (although we still took our photos 15 days later than originally planned and promised, but oh well, thank God it went through man...)

3) NO RAIN AT ALL!!!!! in the morning, vin and i looked at the dark sky and thought to ourselves 'oh gosh...' but we believed that God had the best plan for us and would not let us get disappointed cos of all the hopes and anticipations and limitations (in terms of taking another day of leave, and ordering the flowers, and doing the manicure, and booking our designer and photographer again etc) that we had... and PRAISE THE LORD not a single drop of rain appeared on our photoshoot!!! in fact it was the best weather anyone can ever hope or dream of!!! it was a beautiful blue sky with few clouds scattered around, not hot humid and sunny but there was a cool breeze so that we could take our outdoor shots in total comfort and enjoyment =)))))

all the above was just huge blessings that God has showered upon us, showing us yet again that He is a God of all possibilities and nothing is too big that He cannot handle!!! woohoo what an awesome God we have!!!!!

vin simply loves the photos (eng howe will show us some of the photos he has taken from his camera, along the way) cos it is so us... very candid, lively, funny... it is so us... =)))

but well, being a girl, i am abit sad that vin and i just couldnt do those 'gek seh' poses... hee... you know those try to act sensual or vogue or 'posey'... HAHAHAHAHA... eng howe did try to coax us to try but after a few tries, he realised that we really cannot make it in this area so he gave up and went the other route - make us keep laughing, be natural, look hilarious!!!

so therefore, expect a wedding album like no other... ours is just us la, so don't expect a typical wedding album that is full of posed shots that you will not be able to see our characteristics and personalities from it. we will just jump out at you in every photo loh HAHAHAHAHAHAHA =)))

Monday, April 14, 2008

updates on our bridal studio

for those who have fantastic experiences with their bridal studios, i am so happy for them. cos mine is really disappointing me step by step. bringing me through an emotional roller-coaster.

but i must say, i have come out strong. cos now i feel a sense of indifference. but yet i know even though i can tell myself to just forget it and go with the flow, i need to exercise my rights as a consumer who paid alot of money to get what i deserve. so i still need to insist on my rights.

are you even surprised to read the above comments i have above my bridal studio? after my previous post that vin and i are happy with him? guess a leopard cant change its spots ya? and i still naively thought that him booking the first fitting appointment with me means the start of a wonderful working relationship with him... haha guess i was wrong...

first fitting:
1) vin's tuxedo was no where in sight. the designer said that he could not get hold of the tailor so vin had to go back again on monday for his first fitting. fine. we agreed since we were at his mercy and we just wanted things to be settled faster, so whatever goes
2) my evening gown design was not what we wanted! can't elaborate more on this else there would be no more suspense to my EG design, but anyway, it is really quite different... well i told myself, nevermind, i will just have a different gown for photoshoot as for my wedding day. take it that i got an addition - good for me...
3) my evening gown was too big for me - i thought they made it according to my figure but strangely it was too big everywhere... speaking of that, my wedding gown was not extremely fitting but well it can do...

monday (vin's tuxedo first fitting):
it was just the jacket!!! and it was only the jacket without the lapels and all the frivolous stuff... just a piece of cloth roughly sewn to try to fit onto vin... i was like...??? ask us to go all the way there just to fit that??? vin and i had to pay up cos we had our first fitting already, but we decided, no matter what, we are not going to pay the next installment, which was due at the second fitting

second fitting:
1) my evening gown was still too big
2) he did not have the lace that i wanted for my evening gown and told me a whole story about how he searched but could not find the perfect lace for me. but today, thinking about it, something dawned onto me - the reason why he could not produce my gowns for first fitting much earlier was because he could not find the lace back then!!!!! so since he agreed to fix my photoshoot 2 weeks later than earlier promised, means that he should have already gotten hold of the lace. because he said that without choosing the lace i wanted, he was unable to buy the cloth to make my evening gown... a load of crap i must say it was then... and to think that vin and i have been twirled round and round his little finger
3) we did not choose the accessories as he had earlier promised. he pushed it to the night before the photoshoot, when i would have to go over to collect my gown - decided that i will make him complete everything for me on 19th cos i am not going to go to his shop on monday night and get all stressed up by him and look all haggard the next day for my photo shoot
4) we did not choose the kua and see the veil he was supposed to prepare for me - same as point 3
5) we also did not get to choose the additional gown that i can wear for the photoshoot. he said that he would have to short list for me - then why did he not do it earlier so that i could select my gown on the second fitting?

oh gosh, i can't believe it. after typing all this then i realise how much he has disappointed me. really wonder if this situation can be salvaged. but oh well, thank God that it is through this entire process that i have grown. to be more 'steady' and less emotional about such uncontrollable situations. vin has also helped me a great deal in this entire wedding preparations process.

God is good! Amen! =)))

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

yum yum yum!!! =)))

hello!!! long time no 'see' =))) been busy at work - learning new things and trying to absorb as many banking terms as fast as i can!!! for those who know me, my finance is horrible and banking was a black hole to me... but now i can finally understand what vin is doing and converse a little with him on roles in banks and the industry etc... WAAAAA so impressed with myself HAHAHAHAHA... so happy can understand more about a part of vin's life as well ^_^

finally i can blog... but i am currently down with fever and cough... office too small so the virus travels around... mum was mentioning that i get sick quite often these days... ya loh duno why leh... just end of march, i was seriously ill with flu and now i am sick again...

decided to take a break from updating about our wedding preparations. cos firstly, you all are reading too many words and must be eager to see more pictures from me; and secondly, i cant show you the pictures we have of our wedding preparations at this stage - cos must keep you all in suspense ma!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

so decided to show you all pictures of the more interesting food i have been eating in the past month =))) as you might know, vin and me are homely people so most of the time we will eat with our families, so rarely will we eat at restaurants etc... tell you more below hee...

this is at my 2nd farewell lunch at IMS with my 2 bosses, successor and finance manager - it was super yummy and not as expensive as i thought (cos previously a group of IMS people went there for lunch and ordered sashimi that was more than 100 bucks!!!!!) - the set meal is great value for money!!!

farewell lunch with azlinda and karen - 2 sweet girls from finance... this is thai =)))

vin and me were shopping on sunday for his wedding tie and cufflinks and decidcd to pamper ourselves after many many months to have a nice meal at sun and moon restaurant. when wee called me to ask where we were, he was totally shocked that vin and me spend so much loh HAHAHAHA... i am shocked too... kekeke... but vin and i thought we needed a nice break and time to relax and chill and connect with each other, amidst the busyness of our wedding preparations... this place's presentation and ambience is fantastic!!! but the food is so-so loh... i thought the sukiyaki at waraku cuppage was nicer... =Pp

guess what, JAPANESE AGAIN!!!!! was already quite sick last night but had to meet a dear friend of mine - joyce, our wedding coordinator, to discuss more about our wedding preparations. when it comes to food, i am very bad la, even when i am sick, i still won't stop myself from eating unhealthy food or food that might cause me to be worse. so i had the curry ramen which was nice!!! value for money but slightly too salty... the soft shell crab was totally DELICIOUS!!!!! =)))))