Monday, April 13, 2009

HOME sweet HOME ^_^

we never imagined how shiok it is to have our own home till march 27th 2009...


we always thought that it'll be nice to have our own space, some place to call our home, but it would just be a little wow-ness, not like something that fantastic. but after shifting in, no regrets!!! thank God for this experience, for us to really have a chance to build up our marriage, be independent, learn to take care of each other...

forgot to tell you all, i've started work too! but in this job, during close period (yes, im back in finance), i need to work till around 10pm. the first time when i had to work till 10pm, just a few days into us shifting into our new place, i felt so bad for leaving vin home alone. he had to get his own dinner and be at home alone. actually he's totally ok with that, but it's just the woman thing hor? can't eat alone, not that independant, so this kind of things will make us (or is it only me?!) feel like our men also will feel the same as us.

but i so love cooking for vin!!! it feels so good to cook for your loved one, making sure they have nutritious and yummy food =))) cooked for vin's dad a few times too and going to cook for my parents when they are back from their vietnam holiday =)))

next up: start to research on herbs and chinese soups to build up our immunity and strengthen our bodies!!!

PS: it's the first day that we have internet at home since march 23rd!!!!! explains why i disappeared for so long =Pp