Thursday, July 30, 2009

Give thanks =)))

so sweet that a baby knows how to give thanks! let's continue to have this childlike faith in our great and awesome Daddy!!! ^_^

thank You Lord for bringing me home safely, for the fruitful trip to Vietnam and for the wonderful things You have done , and are continuing to do in our lives =)))

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


spent our anniversary at pan pacific hotel ^_^ it was wonderful!!! service staff were great, food exceeded our expectations, room was big and comfortable. what more can we ask for??? =))) vin put in alot of effort to plan this surprise - great job man!!! ^_^

just have to tell you about pan pac's exceptional service - there's this lady who's in charge of the pool area. whenever ANYONE walks to the pool area, she will walk up with bottles of cold mineral water for them. why i say so? cos vin and i finished dinner and decided to go to the pool area to take a look. knowing us, we were wearing casual - tshirt and shorts. we went to the beach chairs and sat down to enjoy the view. rightaway, the lady walked up to us to offer us a drink!!! we were astounded!!!!! it's like, we can be some jokers who come up and sit around right... (ok but dont think anyone would do that if they were not staying there... but hey, there might be right?!)

the next day, we went there for a swim. each time people came to the pool, she would approach them once they showed indication of looking for a chair - either to usher them to available deck chairs, or offer them drinks, or bring beach towels to them... we are like WA SEH!!!!! a great sense of ownership and pride in her work!!!

complimentary cake from pan pacific ^_^ so nice hor??? personalized card too!!!

the view from our balcony ^_^

Saturday, July 11, 2009

1 year wedding anniversary!!! ^_^

time flies huh? =))) in a blink of an eye, vin and i have been married for a year =))) seems like so recent that you came to our wedding and saw vin dance to the gatsby song huh... =Pp
we are on leave on mon and tues, so LONG WEEKEND IS HERE!!!!! WOOHOOOOO... happiness man... been looking forward to this for so long!!!

many people have been warning us that marriage is not easy, will have alot of problems, etc... but thank God we are still enjoying each other and looking forward to going home to each other every day =)))

i guess the only difference about marriage is that you are stuck in the same house with your spouse. before marriage, when we had disagreements, at least im lying on my bed, with the phone stuck to my ear, and him on his. if the issue is not resolved, at least i sulk on my bed, fuming in my own anger. but now when there are disagreements, it is hard to sleep on the same bed when you are upset about an unresolved issue. quite strange why the different feeling though... so its about learning how to love each other, understand where the other person is coming from, and trusting that the other party is working hard at the relationship too.

finally downloaded our home pictures onto our pc, so can show you all some shots since the last time i posted. dont have how it is like now though, so to see the real thing, drop by our home! ^_^
welcome to our hall ^_^ we hacked the wall between the dining and kitchen area, so just behind this part is the kitchen
our tiny bathroom. trust me, it's really tiny... had the toughest time thinking of how to plan the space

my domain!!! ^_^ a little area carved out for me to whip up nutritious and (occasionally) yummy food for vin!!! haha!