Monday, November 26, 2007

12 Jul 2008 (Sat) - book your calendars!!!!! ^_^

hello my dear frens!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

u r cordially n warmly n excitedly invited to vin n my holy matrimony on 12 Jul 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do come n share in our joy as we step into our new phase of life!!!!! =)))))

lalala... *dances arnd happily* yes we haf booked our banquet venue!!!!! it was a fun, enjoyable, hilarious, nerve-wreckin, hair-pulling experience but overall we r lovin it!!!!! gettin married is no simple feat lemme assure u... but it reali does help us grow up alot... helps us draw closer n understand ourselves n each other much beta...

most hotels r booked on 12 jul 08 or haf a min seatin capacity of 35 tables etc, n it doesnt help dat our priority is a small capacity (cos we duno if we r onli invitin relatives or we will aso get to invite our frens, dependant on e number of frens our parents invite) n great food (n im sure most of u will agree dat wat a guest will look forward to most at a banquet is yummy food rite??? hmmm or m i e onli glutton arnd? hee...)

so our hunt fer e best food wif beautiful ambience continued n finally we were blessed wif our final decision: SAFRA COUNTRY CLUB - MT FABER!!!!!!!! its a new club n e restaurant dat is doin our banquet serves yummilicious food!!!!!! my greatest joy fer e menu is dat we haf RED GARUPA!!!!!!!! can u imagine????? *drools* its so rare dat we get to eat red garupa at banquets rite????? so i was so excited when we could serve it fer our guests!!!!! usually its seabass or e normal grey color garupa (which does not taste as nice nor look as beautiful) n vin's fav is their prawn fillet wif macadamia nuts in orange sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wa e prawn is so fresh n tasty n ok i beta stop b4 u all get so hungry... anywae beg ur pardon cos im such a food person so i get super excited when i start tokin abt food hee hee...

we will definitely follow up wif an official invite later on. as fer now, juz keep urselves free to b part of our big dae n we will continue e hunt fer a great bridal studio!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

e long awaited post... =)))

vin finally managed to d/l ALL his hp camera pics into my pc!!!!! weeeee~~~~~ so here r e pics of dat fun n memorable nite!!!!! =))))) e pics turned out much beta than we expected from a < $100 hp wif onli 2MP... =)))

enjoyin our ramen ramen!!!!!! =)))
vin's ramen was supposed to b e house speciality but it turned out ok onli leh... think speciality cos got an extra bowl to put e huge prawn, oops, lobster, in it?! =Pp

we ate ALOT of food dat nite... e tou fu is super yummy!!!!! =)))

suddenly jump to proposal liao hor? haha so abrupt... didnt take pics of e library n leisurely drive ma =Pp v nice rite??? hee im in e tent!!!!! its a great feat to go in cos its pretty big n i had to make sure i didnt get myself on fire when i cross over e tea lights!!!!! hahaha =)))

we r engaged!!!!!!! =)))))

so artistic rite this pic... =))) summarizes e beautiful nite... ^_^

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


marriage is abt 2 families. its not abt 2 pple. oh i beg ur pardon, lemme b more precise... its abt 2 families (inclusive of e extended families)...


actually i shd haf seen it comin cos previously when vin n i were thinkin abt housin when we get married, everyone n anyone u can possibly think of in our extended families juz wanted to haf a sae in our lives. not dat we r closed to opinions but its reali tirin when there r so many pple who wanna try to influence our decision n wana make us think e wae they r thinkin... note dat these pple dun reali care abt us in our daily lives, but once we r makin a major decision in life, they think they haf all e rite to influence our decisions in our new family...

strange rite pple? juz wana haf a sae...

maybe cos they r bored???!!!

actually all humans r lidat. else y would we gossip? cos we haf a mindset. a wae of thinkin - which we think is e most perfect, which everyone shd adhere to, else those pple who dun do things our wae r either immoral, haf no sense of humanity, r doin somethin dats unfair/unjust etc... if we juz accept pple e wae they r, or juz respect pple's views n try to understand where they r comin from, instead of sayin 'if i were u, i would do this this this this this...'

but r we of e same financial status? r we of e same family background? r we of e same family make up? n so on n so forth... we all haf had different life experiences n different waes of family upbringin... so y force pple to accept ur views rite? unless of cos u haf e authority to speak into a person's life n e person is doin somethin dats against God, somethin damagin to e person/e pple arnd em etc...

anywae i digressed. supposed to tok abt wedding. ya so anywae in e end, where do u draw e line? how much will u bend ur back to satisfy ur family members? or izit abt whose voice is louder?

ultimately vin n i decided we cant satisfy e whole world. we will do wat we can n other than dat, we will b firm n stand by our decisions. else if he keeps satisfyin my family time n time again, which results in inconvenience fer us, then he would feel tired one dae. n vice versa. ultimately, as long as we do wat is rite in God's eyes n alwayz walk in His direction n seek His will n draw from His wisdom, it will b great!!! =)))

so yeah!!!!! lookin forward to our marriage n thanks fer bein excited fer us too!!!!! oh oh oh!!!!! found another helper!!!!! so hapi leh God is so good... His blessings overflow!!!!! ivy is helpin us do e ring pillow!!!!! ^_^ ivy is super creative n loves to do those intricate handicrafts wif beads n crystals etc... so its sure gona b v wow wow one =)))))

Friday, November 16, 2007

flowers flowers n more flowers!!!!!

theres sooooo much to plan fer a wedding!!!!! when i was younger, i tot gettin married is juz like snappin ur fingers... ok la not so simple la... but at least its not SO shiong la... ok la not exactly v shiong la... actually its v fun but its like can easily get overwhelmed if one is not organized enuff or dun plan priorities rite...

thank God vin n i r pretty ok n we've got a fantastic weddin coordinator, joyce!!!!! n her husband, francis aso helps to give us advice too!!!!! aso got wonderful frens like u all who r so excited fer us n pple like maria who now has volunteered to not onli do an ang bao box fer us but aso a guest book!!!!!!!!! r we blessed or not?????? lemme hear u shout!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha... ok gettin too high now... =Pp

anywaez i haf been researchin abt all e many things dat we need to noe abt weddings n saw so many nice pics of flowers!!!!! show u all... =)))

those r weddin bouquets!!!!! ok vin finally finish wk liao... wanted to show u all more pretty stuff but leave to next time!!!!! haf a great weekend all!!!!! ^_^

Monday, November 12, 2007

3 min video

francis shared this story wif his third place youths durin a sermon n he shared this wif vin n me over dinner wif joyce n him some time back... vin found this video todae n its reali nice... do take a look... =)))

Touching Story - Starfish - Click here for the most popular videos

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

we r greatly blessed!!!!! ^_^

b4 vin proposed, my dear fren joyce alreadi said dat she would b most willing to b our wedding coordinator... joyce is extremely gd at wedding coordination cos she has coordinated MANY MANY weddings n even weddings dat r as huge as crossin over to malaysia!!!!! so we r in gd hands... =))) furthermore, she is a highly organized lady n great in plannin... so, thank God!!!!!

then on mon when i was tokin to maria n both of us were gettin all excited abt e weddin, she asked if she can do our ang bao box!!!!! i was like... *jaw drop* cos maria is extremely creative n i reali look up to her scrapbookin skills lor!!!!! she did a ang bao box fer our mutual fren b4 n it was reali super nice loh... v meaningful one... cant wait fer e dae when u all can c it (n it is gona b shipped all e wae from perth wor!!!!!)... thank God!!!!!

n then juz now, was tokin to linda n she offered to help me call up some hotels to check if they haf slots fer e wedding banquet!!!!! waaaaa thank God!!!!!

praise God from whom all blessings flow!!!!! so glad dat everyone is so hapi n excited fer vin n me... thanks to each n everyone of u fer sharin in our joy n bein a part of our life!!!!! =))) n yes one dae i will post e pics of e proposal... one dae... =Pp

(of cos, we r still excitedly waitin to c who else God will provide to help us n share in our excitement n joy as we approach e BIG DAY!!!!! hee...)

oh oh oh!!!!! RITA has pics of my engagement ring on her fone!!!!! smart mei ling took v nice pics of em wif rita's fone!!! so wait fer rita to send me then can show u all!!!!! ^_^ mei ling take until like v professional wor!!!!! kekeke...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Nov 3, 2007

It was a typical sat. went swimmin wif vin n his dad at chinese swimmin club in e mornin. hee but we were lazy, so didnt swim e usual no. of laps... then after lunch wif vin n his dad, we spent e entire afternoon watchin... guess wat? hahaha ya la NARUTO of cos =)))

then went fer dinner at parkway. wanted to haf Jack's Place but once we stepped onto e pavement surroundin parkway parade, we were greeted wif tons of pple. my gosh!!!!! n we tot ulu parkway would not b as crowded as orchard on a sat nite... but we tot wrong... apparently all sporeans love to go out on weekends, so no matter where we go, there would b seas of humans...

so e claustrophobic me was super turned off n slightly irritated by e 'pple mountain pple sea' scene n vin was sensitive to my feelings n suggested we go somewhere else like upper east coast to find food. but somehow we ended up at ajisen ramen (think cos we influenced by naruto cos he LOVES ramen hee hee)

ok la ajisen is not bad... value fer money... but e table was quite dirty cos it caused me to develop a rash on my arms (onli e parts where my arm rested on e table)... e manager there had not too gd an attitude as well so overall, not v impressed wif e place la... but oh well, pay peanuts get monkeys ma (recently this phrase appears v often in my office hahaha)

then we decided to explore parkway since we seldom go to dat area n juz nice, there was my fav - pasar malam!!! so we took a stroll there n walked to e marine parade community centre n visited e library. anywae i tok until here, u all muz b thinkin... EH JEAN HO, Y U SO BORING N LOH SOH TODAE??? tok abt all this mundane bo liao stuff...

my point is: it was a normal, sweet sat nite where vin n i went on a once-in-a-blue-moon date. we seldom go on dates cos we like to slack at home. n usually fri nites, we r at our own cells, n sat nites, vin b wif e youths. so i do treasure these weekends where we can spend some quality time together.

yes, anywae, vin suggested dat we could go on our hunt fer some new place to chill out n said dat we could go to this place at fort road. so we took a drive there. actually i skipped alot of details dat do play a part in this story, but well, if i tok too much, u all will box me cos u juz wana hear wat i wana sae later rite??? hahaha... ok la e juicy parts comin la... =Pp

anywae, we drove to cosy bay n it was reali nice... v peaceful n e weather was reali gd, wif a gentle cool breeze n few pple arnd. reali love dat place... not too brite but yet not too dark to give pple e creeps n feel dat its unsafe (like some parks in spore where its dark n scary)...

while we were walkin arnd, i saw a tent pitched on e grass n cos i alwayz wanted to try pitchin a tent wif vin one dae n juz chill out, i pointed it out to vin n said 'wa got tent leh!' so vin said 'ya loh! we go n c la!' then we walked on e grass towards e tent. when we walked nearer, i saw dat there was some candlelight inside so i tot there were pple inside so i started draggin vin away cos we were gettin too near. pai sei leh!!! go n peep at pple like v wat lidat rite... =Pp but strangely vin juz keep walkin towards it n of cos im not strong enuff rite, so scaredy cat jean juz got dragged along wif vin to satisfy his curiousity...

when we got to e entrance of e 2 man tent, i saw rose petals strewn arnd e entrance of e tent. when i peeped in, i saw many tealights lit up n e lites were in shape of a letter 'I' then a heart n then a letter 'U'. then suddenly vin knelt down in front of e tent n took out a box n opened it, revealin a diamond ring, n said 'Dear, will u marry me?'

i was totally, absolutely shocked!!!!! here i was, bein scared of invadin e privacy of others, n suddenly, it was a proposal?????!!!!! so i juz stared at vin fer 2 secs then got jolted back to reality again but yet still couldnt register wat was goin on... so i knelt down wif him n asked him 'huh??? wat r u doin???'

so anywae, think we both aso forgot wat happened fer dat few seconds of confusion caused by my shock hahaha... =Pp but after i gained abit of composure, i asked him 'y u wana marry me?' (hahaha so silly rite, but it was sort of like tryin to make sure i was not dreamin, get some assurance from him, n to buy time fer myself to realise wat exactly was happenin)

yes yes, he told me wat he has alwayz been tellin me throughout our rship, of y he loves me =))) n after dat, i aso got abit of my composure back n... i seriously dun rem wat i said... but im sure i never sae 'i do' HAHAHA... think i nodded n made some sound of agreement la... kekeke... =Pp but then, yes it was reali like a dream but it is not a dream cos vin n i r now engaged!!!!! =)))

altho i've been waitin fer this dae but seriously, when it reali happened, i was totally caught off guard n totally didnt noe how to react... but seriously, after this proposal, its reali an affirmation of our love fer each other. n its like, wa we reali gettin married leh!!!!! hee...

now vin n me still not v sure wat to do... as fer when we r gettin married, would b in 2008 but e exact date, we r not sure yet. details aso duno cos we duno wat to do. we r actually abit lost la... hee... but God will direct our paths!!!!! thanks fer ur prayers n thanks fer sharin our joy!!!!! ^_^