Sunday, February 28, 2010


happy! remember my aloe vera? i decided to name her 'Vera' for ease of reference going forward =) whoever said that plants cannot have names? =Pp

vera with her little sibling, which is now at my mum's place. somehow, her sibling is not doing very well.
individual shot of vera taken on 18 Aug 09
vera has grown so much over the past 6 months!!!

aerial view with my feet wanting some attention as well
can you spot something? stare real hard!!!!!
closer shot for you. yes!!!!! vera is now a mummy!!!!! was so excited to see baby vera!!!!! can't wait for her to grow up and i can give to my mum if vera's sibling is still not doing well =)))))
my colleague did tell me that aloe vera can have baby shoots and taught me how to harvest them to another pot when they are big enough. but i never thought that it could be so soon!!!!! and that i could even have a baby shoot grow out from my plant!!!!! i mean flowers and fruits are so common, but a whole new life?! something that can be harvested to be grown independantly?! its just so exciting!!!!! ^_^

botak jones @ marine parade!!!!! woohoo! so happy they opened a stall here! the fish and chips look so yummy right????? and its huge la!!!!! vin and i were so stuffed after eating the fish and chips and his botak burger. kept asking josh to eat our fries for us HAHAHAHAHA

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Singaporeans are not so heartless after all!

the stubborn mule in me decided to take a bus to work on monday. even though i was still on crutches and the walk to the bus stop from my home and from the destination bus stop to office was very long. well, i thought i could make it ma! =Pp

was quite tired out when i reached my bus stop but thank God for the long rest before my bus came. when i boarded, the driver was nice enough to wait till i hobbled to the seat beside the entrance. i managed to put one of my crutches against the wall and was trying to put the other one down and shift my butt to the seat. but i guess when he heard my first crutch hit the wall, he assumed that i sat down, so he moved off and i fell down.

in that split second while i was falling down, i was frantically trying to think of how best not to let my injured foot hit the floor and trying to manoeuvre myself to safety. but cos my original position was already slightly awkward, i didnt manage to get myself out of the tangle fast enough and my foot hit the floor, with my crutch crashing down on my right hand.

i heard alot of people screaming and 1 man ran over to me to carry me up and kept asking me if i was ok. thankfully i didnt break my foot but it hurt alot. the driver kept asking me if i was ok, but well, i had to get to work right, so i smiled with tears in my eyes cos of the pain and said yes.

when i was about to alight, the driver asked me if i was ok and wanted to find someone to help me alight! but i told him its 'ok, thanks' and assured him that i was fine. the journey to office was thankfully without any incidents, except for the occasional stopping for 3mins every 50m to catch my breath.

anyway i scraped through the day. by the time i finished work, it was 830pm so i called for a cab and hobbled down to meet him. he was real nice and walked over to open the door for me, asking me what happened. didnt chat too much. but when he dropped me home, he got out again to open the door for me and even carried my laptop for me to the bench nearby where i was to wait for vin to come and help me.

whats more, my boss was so kind to let me work from home this week, starting tues! think cos of the fall and cos i cant prop my leg up in office, my foot became more swollen and black. so this week's working from home will definitely do me alot of good. cant wait to walk normally soon!!!!! ^_^

Saturday, February 20, 2010

God is good!

it has been a tough 3 weeks. my parents, vin and i, got into a traffic accident on 31 jan. out of the 9 people involved in the accident, vin was the worst hit. his upper jaw was fractured and 4 of his teeth are very shaky, with 3 of them badly chipped.

during the operation, the surgeon theoretically should remove all 4 of his teeth but he wanted to help vin to save them, cos it is a great pity to lose one's natural teeth and have to do implants. in 3 weeks time, we might know if vin's teeth can be saved. do stand in agreement with us that his natural teeth can be saved! only then, can more work be done on the 4 teeth, after his jaw and teeth are stabilized.

vin's trying to smile in this picture. its just after his surgery on monday. hope we didnt scare you with this picture. he wanted to put it as his facebook profile picture but i said its way too scary as a profile picture... =Pp

my parents still have chest pains now. i still am walking with a limp and there is a lump on my upper lip cos of the bad stitching by the A&E doctor.

after the collision, my dad kept saying 'gone, gone' and my mum repeated 'die, die'. think vin and i must have looked horrible. i kept asking vin if he was ok while waiting for the ambulance to come. think i asked so often cos he finally spoke and asked me 'do i look ok?'. although he did look terrible, but i told him 'no, you look ok!' cos i didnt want to scare him with all the details of how much blood there was on his face and body.

my mind was a total blank cos of the shock and also cos of vin's bloody face and body (i mean literally bloody, but sounds like im speaking vulgarities haha)... vin's eyes couldnt focus cos he was seeing stars and feeling dizzy and he even vomitted blood. many thoughts raced through my mind but i kept casting them out and kept praying out loud. at that point in time, i forgot all the scriptures that vin and i always claimed on healing. only kept repeating to vin, 'God is with us, He will send His holy angels to watch over us and heal you. He will protect us and watch over us.'

thinking about that night, i shudder still. at times, the sound of the horn and the collision still run through my head. its something you never ever would have thought could happen to you in your entire lifetime. we are all safe drivers, but you can never control how others drive on the road.

only after we reached changi general hospital and watched vin being rushed into a room, did i realise that my whole face and body was also covered with blood. interesting how much blood can pour out from your upper lip.

too many things about that night and these 3 weeks to share with you. some thanksgivings:

1) God's protection over all of us
thank God that all of us dont have internal injuries else it would lead to complications. vin said its good that its him that suffered the broken jaw, not me. and the harder hit ones are us, not our parents. the surgeon said that if the fracture was just slightly above where it was, then the operation would not be in his mouth, but on his face. so thank God! my husband is forever handsome! =)

2) dear friends
lyn was the first to come on mon morning. shianni came all the way with kay huat to pray with us, just for that 5 min. vin's colleagues rushed over during lunch time, but couldnt come up to see vin before he went for operation, cos there was not enough passes. joyce took half day urgent leave to be with me on monday while vin was in his 3.5 hour operation. if not for joyce and francis, who comforted me, talked rubbish to me, i would just be sobbing all 3.5 hours. my mum and i were just so worried and helpless by ourselves. many dear friends also rushed over on monday and tuesday just to show their concern. it really means alot.

it was a traumatising time. on sun night, or rather mon morning (we got home around 3am), i couldnt sleep at all. ok maybe for 1 hour from 5am to 6am. thinking about how vin was suffering cos his face was super swollen and he couldnt breathe through his nose cos it was clogged with blood, and about his operation under general anesthetic. what made it worse was that i couldnt move around myself, couldnt eat cos of the 5 stitches on my lip. felt so lost.

3) Importance of family
this accident; spending 3 weeks with vin at my parents' home recuperating; vin's dad driving us to and from the hospital so frequently - these made me understand so much more that family is so very important. i want to love my family more and more each day. make more and more effort to show them concern and to love them. just before this, vin was working till 11 plus, and i was working till 10 plus quite often. yes, work is important cos we want to do our best for God, with the talents He has given us. but yet, it also drains us, such that we just fulfil our weekly routine visits to my parents' and vin's dad's homes. this got slightly tiring occasionally in our busy schedule, but there must be more!

Psalm 23:4 (NIV)
'Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.'