Friday, September 28, 2007

todae is a great dae!!!~~

cos its friday!!!!! everybody raise ur hands in e air!!!!! woot!~~~~

had yummy chi char dinner wif joyce/francis/vin =))) it was a great time of laughter n crows flyin past (cos of e lame jokes)... kekeke... v long never go to those kinda old old market to haf chi char... v hard to find those kinda market dat gives u e chinatown market feel u noe... now even tho e markets r still wet n dirty, but they r more modern lookin liao... duno y leh but when u r in those kinda old market, izit pyschological dat will make u think e food taste nicer cos seems like ur grandma's cookin?? or maybe its e company dat matters as well? =)))

anywaez IM HOOKED ON ONE MORE THING!!!!! n i haf no one to blame but myself fer bein kpoh n signin up fer it... F A C E B O O K... it's like SUPER FUN LA!!!!! add me leh...

think alot of u added my but i dun check dat anymore... so change my contact to yahoo ok!!! =))) so if i seldom blog, u noe where to find me...

F A C E B O O K..... =Pp

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

thanks fer all ur concern... =)))

realised dat u all check this blog pretty frequently!!! cos within a dae of my post, quite a couple of frens asked me if im ok n over e week, a couple more... never fail to b wow-ed by who reads this blog hee hee...

juz to share a thanksgiving... God is so good... on thurs, i totally gave up on fightin myself n holdin fast to this job n i juz told God 'ok God, i had enuff. not gona hang on to this juz cos it pays but wana do Your will n live out Your purpose in my life n trust dat You will provide!!! i noe dat u aso dun wan me to b so miserable all e daes of my life n i reali reach e max liao!!!'

then on fri, i had a performance review wif him n he offered me somethin new!!! n he told me he was suprised dat i haven resigned n e fact dat i didnt resign makes him v impressed wif me. thank God!!! so he told me he wan me to stay n dun wan me to even think abt resignin...

so thanks fer all ur prayers n thank God dat He is in control ALWAYZ. we juz need to surrender EVERYTHIN to him!!! =)))

celebration sunday was great!!!!!!! reali had a great time wif our entire church together in e same service... ^_^

(n i'm hooked to dragon ball comics, all thanks to vin hahaha)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

v meaningful skit - Everything

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Complete by Parachute Band

interestin thing is, i was listenin to this song juz b4 he called me on fri afternoon... n this song reali struck me when i was listenin to it... then on sun i asked vin if he found this song familiar n we discovered dat it was a song dat he was tryin to teach me 2 weeks ago cos he learnt it at his christian fellowship in office n found it real nice... this song reali ministers to me now n reali speaks to me... do take a look at e lyrics... too bad i duno how to upload mp3s onto this blog else can let u all take a listen... =)))

Here I am O God
I bring this sacrifice
my open heart
I offer up my life

I look to You Lord
Your love that never ends
Restores me again

So I lift my eyes to You Lord
In Your strength will I break through Lord
Touch me now let Your love fall down on me
I know Your love dispels all my fears

Through the storm I will hold on Lord
And by faith I will walk on Lord
Then I'll see beyond my Calvary one day
And I will be complete in You

I look to You, Lord
Your love that never ends
restores me again
so I, I will be complete in,
I will be complete in

Friday, September 14, 2007


he made me cry... again... this time i cried e whole dae... not dat tears flowed fer 6 hrs... but each time i think abt my situation every 1-2 hours or so, tears juz start flowin down n i cant stop it...

e last time i cried abt my job was when i was in deloitte. once dat happened, i knew i had to leave. todae, vin told me, if i cant take it anymore, juz go. but i noe God didnt let me go there to fail. n to leave b4 my confirmation is failing. i wana make sure i do my best n fulfil God's purpose fer me there.

but its v hard. im hired fer somethin but expectations of me r another. i was taught to do juz do some things but those things r super insufficient. i get scolded fer things dat r out of my control. i get accused of things dat i didnt noe of. i feel so helpless. i dun mind if im scolded fer things dat i did wrong n i can improve on, which i noe of 2 dat i can wk on. but other than dat, e countless other things... i juz cant help it. its totally not up to me to influence/change/make happen...

but God is holdin me n is by my side... when vin told me dat, it juz couldnt sink it. he aso told me dat God will not let me take more than i cant bear. now its sinkin in... yes a gd reminder. God will b my strength, my shield, my solid rock in whom i depend on...

dat said, im goin fer cell then will come home to wk... hope i can finish my stuff b4 4am... i can do it!!! cheers everyone!!! vin's comin home tomolo!!!!! reali need him now...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

juz another dae in e week...

rita n mei ling were commentin dat this blog is gettin boring cos im not bloggin much liao... but oh well theres nothin much in my life dats worth mentionin abt dat will bring some joy into ur lives leh... (yes april, im tokin abt rita again!!! hahaha... april u v cute leh... u never tag but i noe u alwayz readin n followin up on my life when rita tells me dat u will msg her abt some of my posts ^_^)

since i was small, pple alwayz sae dat im as readable as a book... wateva im thinkin or feelin, its written on my face... but y i feel lidat, maybe u wun noe la... but can c one... n ya la im learnin to control my emotions beta... God has been showin me dat i need to control control control... dun get too affected/worked up/sad/troubled etc by things... but juz b at peace cos He is sovereign...

so therefore, this readable part of me naturally will flow into my bloggin la... so dats y if im down, i try not to blog too much else pple aso sian wif me... but vin told me dat actually when im down i aso blog ma... then i think... true hor?! then he ask if i blogged abt him cos im missin him now ma... he's in switzerland since sun noon n will onli b back on sat evening... so long leh... but actually v short la... 1 week onli... oh well!!! will miss one laaaaa let me miss ok??? kekeke... =Pp

so i will blog abt vin... think i show u all those artistic pics he took at phuket durin his company retreat 2 weeks back... he can take real nice pics at times... his boss bought him a book on phtography last christmas... think after he study e book n prac more... woohoo!!!! all e pics he take of me will b georgous jean no matter wat~~!!!!! ^_^
beautiful phuket beach... forget wat is e beach name liao... hopefully vin will tell us if he reads this post hahaha... =Pp

funny rite!!!!! liu de hua... andy lau!!!!!

suddenly discovered dat blogspot has a new feature!!!!! can upload videos!!!!! (or maybe it was alwayz there but i never noticed... hee) so enjoy this video of a baby elephant vin saw on his last dae at phuket!!!!! =)))

WHO IS MY 6000TH READER????? =))))) thanks fer all ur support... i wana thank my father, my mother, vincent... fer feedin me till im tall n gettin plumper... ok yes i c alot of exasperated faces... =Pp

Friday, September 07, 2007

im back!!

wow 2 weeks since u last heard from me!!! been a tryin time fer me at wk... lemme ask u a question...

wat would u prefer: wk real hard n real late hours n not much wk life balance but quite protected by ur bosses so dat u wun kena shoot down in front of VPs n global heads OR vice versa...

im e latter... things happen dat r out of my control but i get e blame... u can sae its character building but is this wat its supposed to b? as rita said, im a punch bag... hahaha... i can sae dat gd fer me la... can learn to deal wif such pressures n such treatment n will grow loh... dats wat my boss keeps tellin me... but does anyone in e rite mind wana continue lidat?

i duno...

maybe its gd fer me, maybe its not... time will tell... but one thing i noe... God is wif me alwayz n He is my shield, my strength, my fortress, deliverer... in Him i trust n find my protection in His loving arms!!!!! as vin reminds me: my enemies will come at me in 1 direction n flee in 7 directions!!!!! even when it seems like our enemies come at us in 70 directions n maybe will move slowly away in 1 direction, we muz hold fast to e truth dat our God is almighty!!!!! ^_^