Wednesday, December 31, 2008

why watchnight service?

suz was asking me why we go to watchnight service and i wonder too... so i found out... and think it is useful for us to know... =))) sometimes we just do things without knowing the reason behind it =Pp but hey! now we know and it is so much more meaningful now, rather than just thinking it is just another church service on the last day of the year... ^_^

The final night of the year finds many Christians reflecting on the events of the past and looking ahead to the future. This is a night devoted to a new covenant with our Lord, to a new commitment to witness and service. The focus should be light and hopeful, not dwelling on the past, but acknowledging it and looking to the future with renewed hope and enthusiasm. The emotional tempo of the service should be relatively quiet and reflective in the beginning moving toward confident energy at the end. The service may begin at 11 p.m. and conclude slightly past midnight, or it may be held on New Year's Day. Traditionally the color for this service would be white.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

the sweetest present of all...

we officially got our home keys yesterday - boxing day!!! that is the day after christmas when traditionally people open up all their gifts and unveil the exciting presents wrapped in them... although now we dont have sooo many gifts to open that we cant open them on the day we receive them... =Pp

so yeah!!! it's the bestest best present we have received so far, thank God for this! ^_^

our potential contractor told us it is very possible to finish renovation before chinese new year (he finished renovating a home within 10 days) and that is extremely tempting... but we want to make wise decisions cos this is for a home, not just buying some book/shoes/etc... the materials, colors, texture, furniture, etc chosen would have to stay with us for at least 5 years or even much more, so we don't want to rush into anything...

but it is all so exciting!!!!! speaking to a few contractors/interior designers, learning from them, going through the quotations, buying interior design magazines and getting ideas, designing our own place (cos we decided not to go with the ID who would cost us 10k more), going to see the tiles... and so many many more things to do!!!!!

though we are unsure of what is ahead of us, one thing we know, God is with us and will guide us as long as we are sensitive to His voice... so excited to do up our home together!!! =))) will let you all know when we firm up the dates to start work and finally to shift in ^_^

next week is another shiok week!!!!! woohoo!!!!!~~~

Friday, December 19, 2008


vin bought me a book last sunday entitled...

HIDDEN FEARS - Overcoming Obsessions, Compulsions & Phobias

the part he bought it for was the section 'Phobias - What are they?' and especially the chapter 'It's a cockroach!'

shucks... now that that thing has a post dedicated indirectly to it on our blog AND i typed it's name out here... yucks...

and by the way, there was a nymph in his dad's car today and vin FORCED me to use paper to brush it out of the car and he watched... then proudly proclaimed that i am on my road towards conquering my fears!? grrr... i feel scared thinking about what more is to happen... cant imagine one day being no longer scared of it and not running at break-neck speed in its opposite direction the next time i see it... but then again, i never NEVER want to see it again!!!!!

life is full of contradictions and tough paths to follow eh? haha...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


we are going crazy trying to hunt for a nice formal looking bag for me... my birthday present part 3... (vin's birthday present part 3 is also coming - belated as well hahaha)

anyway, vin and i always do targetted shopping - shop only when the need arises and for the specific item. so for the past few weeks, we have been looking for a bag and till now we still cant find one. then vin suggested for me to consider getting a branded bag so that i can carry it for years and not need to occasionally shop for a bag once in a year or two and save us all this hassle...

we had a phase a year or 2 ago when i also came to the crossroads and thought of getting an LV bag... but in the end, realised that it is not made of leather so changed my mind. haha! back to the same point again... guess their designs are just timeless and so classic that i can carry it for many many years and not get sick of it... no need to keep changing bag every year or so cos it is supposed to last for extremely long right...? love that part of it... not needing to change bags... im just so lazy...

anyone going to paris/italy????? =))))) *smiles sweetly* would like to get these 2 bags then...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

what a miracle!!!

some of you may know that i have a phobia of a particular pest. when i see it, dead or alive, i will scream and run as far as i can.

a few nights back, i was about to sleep and went to the toilet. had a queasy feeling and looked to my right and i saw it walking around looking like it was going to fly. i quickly finished my stuff and shut the door and ran out, hoping that it will not come out of the toilet, which it very likely could.

went back to the room and told vin. but i knew that he would not do anything when he was going to sleep, so there was nothing that could be done.

vin looked at me and said, 'just pray, tell God!'
so i said 'God, can you please get rid of that thing, if you could, if...'
and vin said 'when you pray, just believe, tell God and thank Him for doing it. simple as that!'
i looked at him with my human mind thinking that that was just too much for my small faith to accept but just decided that i was just too desperate so i said 'God, please kill that thing NOW NOW NOW! thank you very much! and well, also kill all of them around the whole world NOW! thank you Lord, amen!'

then i tried my very best to sleep...

next morning, i woke up and right away i asked vin to go and kill it, if it was still in the toilet. he got up and i heard the sound of a slipper hitting the floor repeatedly and was rejoicing in my heart that it was still there for vin to kill it =)

on the way to work, i asked vin if it was still at the same spot where i described to him. he said that amazingly it was and also it was already flipped over!!!!! so it was basically on the brink of death when vin saw it!!!!!


reminds me of our honeymoon in maldives where we went night fishing. i asked God to allow us to get alot of fish before the trip. it was a simple innocent prayer and God answered it in a huge way! vin and i were the most amatuer fishermen. there was a man who had all the equipment and his family seemed to have gone fishing with him before. yet, vin and i caught the biggest fishes and the most as well!!! both of us combined was almost equal to the other 4-5 of them!!!

our God is an awesome God, He reigns from Heaven above. nothing is too small for our all powerful and huge God!!! ^_^

yes lyn, i did notice that i stopped blogging since vin is back HAHAHAHAHA... thanks for the reminder to post!!! =)))))