Wednesday, October 31, 2007

im sad...

learnt from vin last nite dat im readin e last book in e dragonball series... NO MORE DRAGONBALL SOON!!!!! *sob* i like him so much!!!!! start to grow so used to him bein in my life... whenever im waitin fer vin at his place while he is wkin late, dragonball is alwayz there fer me... *sigh* n now he is gona leave me all alone!!!!!

show u all how nice dragonball is... i will miss him... but fret no more cos vin has got dragonballz series!!!!! so can company me awhile more... ^_^ (alamak... startin to sound like a young gal wif a crush on some guy hahahahaha)

enter e addictive land of dragonball... come n b mesmerized by him... =Pp love his baby pictures cos he looks so cute!!!!!!!!

his jap name is GOKU n chinese name is SUN WU KONG... =)))

stylo milo rite????? woohoo!!!!! dragonball comes to save e world!!!! kekeke... onli in e comic la... as if reali got such characters arnd... but we humans like to b so excited abt those fantasy stuff rite... those superpowers n stuff... =Pp

Friday, October 26, 2007

more naruto!!!!! =)))

i guess some of u r still not yet convinced abt y naruto is so nice... lemme show u more handsome men... HAHAHA... actually 2 more stylo men... n some nice group pics!!!!! ^_^

SASUKE!!!!! Vin can imitate him FANTASTICALLY WELL!!!!!! hee... =Pp

Group pic time!!!!!! ^_^

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

our latest addiction...

thanks to thom, vin n me now can watch e exciting jap anime... NARUTO!!!!! in 2 weekends, vin n me r now at episode 75!!!!! for those of u who wonder y in e world is this cartoon so captivating... lemme share wif u...

its not like sesame street or some shallow cartoon... but it has alot of heartwarming scenes as well as action scenes... u reali feel fer naruto as he goes on in his life... his persistence, his strong will, his never-say-die attitude... sometimes vin will use naruto's attitude to encourage me even!!!!! hahaha...

too bad we r watchin e video so it can b slightly frustrating at certain points when u juz wana noe wat is gona happen, but they take like 3 episodes to show 1 fighting match etc... but if we r readin e manga, like when i read dragonball, e story proceeds on faster... speakin of dragonball... wa he reali v cool leh!!!!!! v saye... pity i couldnt find nice pics to show u all... onli can find nice pics of naruto to show u guyz... think cos naruto is e in thing now, so there r lotsa resources... meanwhile, ENJOY!!!!! ^_^ (maybe i'll show u e other characters another time... if i still feel so crazy abt naruto... hee)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

let's lighten up!!!~~

was tokin to carol on msn juz now n couldnt help starin n starin n starin at her msn pic...

do u think u will b super hungry juz starin at it??? even me, a total dessert NON lover felt so hungry lookin at it... or maybe its cos i juz had it e nite b4... =Pp

u all muz b shocked rite? how come i will eat cake... hahaha... ok la tell u all e truth... i onli had 3 dainty bites... but 3 bites is reali a feat fer me cos i never like dessert!!!!! but e cake was not dat sweet n was so yummy!!!!! n e cheese taste was reali nice n e red thing dat made me think dat its some horrible sweet strawberry jam thing, turned out to b i duno wat but its not sweet but is super fragrant!!!!! hahaha doesnt help rite all this description... kekeke... juz go there n eat la... give u 2 links... go n explore e links then u can decide if u wana go there

WARNING: e food is delicious n cheap BUT dun expect comfortable chairs such dat u can hang out there fer 3-4 hrs wif ur frens cos its not sofa/couches there... n u wun wana stay longer than 2 hrs cos e ventilation is not dat great... u'd come out smellin like their kitchen... heh heh heh... =Pp

ok tell u somethin amazing carol n i learnt from jonathon dat nite... SWIMMING COACHES EARN TONS OF MONEY!!!!! n i reali mean ALOT hor... i m totally NOT JOKING!!!!!!!!!! lets do some simple computation.

Revenue per student $50
Max no. of students per class x 12
Total revenue per class $600

Note the above is only for 1 hour per week, for 4 weeks in a month. Assuming the individual is very slack n only wants to work 2 hours a day... note ONLY TWO MISERABLE HOURS A DAY... but ok la... work for 5 days in a week

This individual will earn $6000 COLD HARD CASH in a month!!!!! ($600 x 2hours x 5days)

amazing rite????? *looks arnd to c if jean has any frens who r swimming instructors* ok u think dats impossible rite? how abt e rental of e pool... dun wori... im in finance leh... i will forget abt expenses meh? let's continue...

Total revenue in a month $6000
Rental to swimming pool - $12.50
Net profit $5,987.50

Life is good... *opens a pack of Calbee potato chips, chilli hot flavor, n reclines back on e beach chair watchin e waves roll by*

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

haf u ever wondered...

if life is fair...? hahaha sound v depressing rite? =Pp

if u reach office everydae at 810am n leave at 6 plus onli to c those arnd u reach at 930-10am n leave at 6 sharp or maybe earlier... will u wonder, y m i wkin so hard fer? dats y i try to go fer 2 hr lunch once a mth to make myself feel beta cos even they aso go fer 2-3 hr lunches...

if e person who is onli 1 yr senior in experience than u n supposed to do an extended role but refuses to n wants to push wk to u dat is supposed to b done on their end, how would u feel? dats y i juz choose not to think too much n juz try to finish all dat i haf on my plate as fast as possible so dat can kena these kind of uneccessary arrows...

if u r wkin ur ass off n pple like piano teachers etc wk e same amt or less n get more than twice ur salary n then declare a minimal amount to HDB n can get a HDB flat even when they r wae off the income ceiling, how would u feel? dats y i try not to look at pple lidat...

im in those kinda sian moods cos sometimes i look at wat i haf to kena n e responsibilities dat pple shirk off dat in e end impact my life n i feel v depressed. read an article abt a lady who wanted to throw her mum to e old aged home. if she herself doesnt wana take care of her mum, y shd anyone else? of cos e old age home would cos they profit from this. but if there were no such thing as old age homes... how? hire a full time maid who specializes in takin care of old pple? gd la... boost e economy fer dat country where e domestic help came from. or best if e old woman had another child. but if e other child is financially stretched or need to take care of their in-laws, how? woe to e one who is filial cos they suffer most.

sometimes when we c e harsh realities of life, we get real disillusioned n drained by e cruelness of society. no wonder pple alwayz sae dat e gd ones die first. cos they get used by e cold hearted pple till they haf no more space to breathe n juz disppear from exhaustion. think i haf a serious issue dat i need to resolve wif God... im gettin v bitter cos of e pple arnd me...

one thing abt me is dat i get affected v easily by e unfairness of life arnd me. but i noe i need to hold strong to e truth dat God is fer me. even though things seem v unfair n im crushed in all waes but dats onli temporal cos this will onli make me stronger. once i take on these added responsibilities dat was not supposed to b mine, i become stronger n can handle more. too bad fer those who choose to throw this all at me... cos i choose to benefit from all this n not b struck down!!!!! okok... i muz focus on God... lettin myself b crushed by all this is no gd no gd...

pray fer me, those who noe wat im goin thro...

Friday, October 12, 2007

how many r hooked???

hee mag aso got hooked to e sushi game... its like SUPER ADDICTIVE MAN!!!!! i keep playin it each time im waitin fer vin which is after wk fer an hr in e beginnin of e week n then almost 2 hrs fer e past 2 nites till abt 1030!!!!! *fainted* how many of u did i manage to get hooked on e sushi game????? *evil smile*

Q: How do you know you are addicted to something?
A: When u c many sushi plates floatin around once u close ur eyes to try to sleep. And when you start dreaming abt catchin live sotongs & squids to make sushi.....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

fun game!!!!!

waitin fer vin n tellin yanhua, my dear cousin who is muggin fer his sec sch exams now, dat i was v bored n playin pacman on facebook then he got super shocked... then i sae cos hangman too boring then he did a double turn... ok not a double turn like literally la hee hee... forget to explain y he so shocked... cos he think im v antique... hahaha... =Pp

then he intro me to MINI CLIP!!!!!!! n its amazing la... i got hooked to it n kept playin this game!!!!! go n wrap sushi fer pple... its like SUPER FUN LOR!!!!! wrap so many make me feel like eatin sushi... =Pp go ahead n try!!!!!~~~ =)))

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Michael Jackson - BAD

hahaha was tokin to thom abt an MJ song then he recalled watchin those movie mtv dat MJ used to do then i was like wow wow wow ya man!!! so i went to youtube n tada!!!!! fer ur viewin pleasure... =)))

those who r too young, not in e MJ generation, enjoy man... he is a born entertainer!!!!!

more pics!!!!!!!! =)))

hee gina loaded more pics!!!!! so i post more pics too!!!!! show u all more of e fun we had!!!!! cant help it la... miss everyone so much dat juz cant stop loadin u all wif more of my dearies!!!!! =)))))

ms gina-who-flies-super-frequently n who thinks my photography skills r bad... hahahaha... i still think my photography skills v gd leh... kekeke =Pp

e famous pair of deloitte jeans!!!!!! =))))) jian dan n jin ho!!!!!!!!!!

black n white is fantastic!!!!! covers ALL flaws!!!!! =))))) this is mad sab n crazy jean tryin to look pretty =))) *ahem* sori not TRYING but BEING pretty HAHAHAHAHAHA

Monday, October 08, 2007

PHOTOS!!!!! =)))

hello everyone!!! i m takin so few pics these daes after e loss of my beloved N80... so anytime there r pics, i MUST UPLOAD THEM to let u all b entertained visually... so nice of me rite... some of my beloved peeps r below... e fotos r from lawrence n janet's wedding =)))

yes my gal frens r v pretty so take a queue number from me now now now!!!!! kekekeke... most of em r married/attached liao btw heh heh...
ah lam is so beautiful!!!!! first short haired bride i noe n she looks super duper fantastic!!!!! never tot dat brides can look so georgous wif short hair!!!!! ok think i sound like a lesbian... =Pp

this is e last time lawrence is gona haf such a privilege hahaha... u men out there v envious rite????? kekeke... =Pp

look at maria n me!!!!! its b4 e dinner started n we look drunk!!!!! hahahahahaha =)))

even tho we wear glam clothes, but we muz b true to our personalities... =)))

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


attended lawrence n janet's weddin on sat at raffles hotel n there were 5 tables for deloitte!!!!! it was so fun catchin up wif all my frens, some of whom i haven seen fer 2 yrs since i last left... e whole dinner was a time when we went arnd tokin, takin pics, laffin etc... such a gd time of catchin up...

when i sent jean home, we both agreed dat we missed deloitte so much... u noe nothin beats e close bonds n true friendship dat were built back then... duno if its e '1st company syndrome' juz like in jc, nobody likes bein e '2nd intake' n usually those who were in e sch since e 1st 3 mths would LOVE their jc to bits... juz like i alwayz haf this soft spot fer hcjc...

then on mon mornin, cousin rachel aso sae dat she missed those gd ol daes in deloitte... *sigh* me too, me too... there were so many pple i miss so much... so many pple i wanted to catch up wif but e 4 hrs were simply not enuff...

make me think... sometimes we get too caught up in our lives n as we grow older, there seems to b much more things goin on in our lives that we stop meetin our treasured frens of old... hey u all!!!!! i miss each n everyone of u!!!!! wanted to list down all e fun groups but there r juz too many...

now im juz waitin fer e many zillions of fotos to b uploaded in some site or some blog (like maria's blog hahaha)... so fun!!!!! then can show u all... all e mad n crazy n fun pple dat i love =)))