Monday, May 26, 2008

yes yes, another thing ticked off!!!

cynthia mentioned before that i always come back from the weekend with something that i bought... so very true... almost every weekend, vin and i are working hard to try to tick off things from our wedding preparations list... this weekend, we finally got my '4 gold' a.k.a. si dian jing!!!

ok la actually it is not 4 and it is not gold... traditional chinese custom for 4 gold is:
1) the ring
2) the earrings
3) the necklace
4) the bracelet

in modern day culture, most people get 4 diamonds instead (a.k.a. si dian zhuan) as this is something they will wear. the purpose for the in-laws to give their daughter-in-law 4 gold is to show that they accept her into the family and also for her to have something to sell for money, in case there is a day when her husband decides to divorce her. in olden times, women have no money. they marry into the family to take care of the house and that is it. so the 4 gold is always a comfort for her that in times when she needs it, she has ready cash.

but in our context, modern women have money, so we won't sell our keepsake. neither do we marry with the intention that we might have a divorce, so diamonds are a better choice, cos we can wear them!!! gold was the fashion in the past but now diamonds are a girl's best friend!!!!! hahaha never thought i would say this actually... in fact, i used to dislike diamonds to the max in the past cos i never understood why a stone that is essentially carbon, can cost so much. i thought it was irrational behavior but after looking at diamonds for so long, i must say, they are so beautiful!!!!!

that said, i still wont spend money to buy a diamond for myself hahaha... maybe on our 25 year anniversary, vin can buy me diamond la hahaha... but think no point la. already got all that i need/want liao... =)))

oh oh and why is it not 4 - cos vin already got me a ring for engagement and chinese tradition is for things to be in even numbers, so vin's dad got me the earrings and bracelet (2 pieces) so my mum got me a necklace as a gift!!! i love them and vin and i got them at a great deal as well!!!!! praise the Lord!!!!!

now we are busy with our guest list... do rsvp to us asap k? hee... thanks so much!!!!! when we have our final numbers then can confirm the catering for church reception and banquet dinner ^_^ so looking forward to our big day!!!!! it's going to be so fun and wonderful!!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

we are going to maldives!!!!! =)))))

this is where we are going for our honeymoon!!!!! maldives =))) super excited!!!!! yes so many people have been bugging us and saying that we are super last minute cos as of last week, we still had not booked our honeymoon trip... =Pp but hey in 1 month 3 weeks before our wedding, we managed to book it!!!! and praise the Lord it is at a SUPER GOOD DEAL!!!!! ^_^

there must be a reason for everything... one of the reasons why vin and i never got down to booking our honeymoon was that we were just not convinced by the places we were looking at. vin wanted a water villa where he can open his eyes to the ocean. i wanted to stay in a luxurious resort. our budget was SGD 4.6k.
as most of you might know, we never managed to find a place like that. luxurious resorts under SGD 4.6k were all in bali but those would not have ocean view (where vin can wake up and look right at the ocean, and sleep with the sound of waves singing him a lullaby). water villas are all in maldives and an all-inclusive package in maldives for a decent looking resort (and i say DECENT, not LUXURIOUS) cost about 5.1k for 1 night stay at a hotel in male (cos we arrive at male airport at about 11pm) and 3 nights in the water villa. somewhat around there. we ALMOST booked that resort cos we thought that was the best for us after hunting for about 3-4 months...
just the morning when vin was about to call the travel agent to book that trip, michelle said that her boyfriend told her last night about a great deal for a maldives resort that is opening in june and the prices are SUPER CHEAP!!!!! i was thinking 'wow!!!!! is that ever possible???' but once vin and i checked it out, we were awed by God's providence...
so this is why we just couldnt make the decision to go ahead... thank God that He is always with us, even in a decision just to choose our honeymoon destination and resort...
conclusion: our package is somewhat all-inclusive for FIVE nights (all at the resort as the speedboat can pick us from male once we touch down) at their water villa, which looks super luxurious (especially since it is so new and maybe we might be the 1st couple to spend the night in it considering that june/july is a low season in maldives) and which costs only SGD 4.6k!!!!!
praise God from whom ALL BLESSINGS flow ^_^

Thursday, May 08, 2008

we bought our luggage!!!

decided to try to make the blog more visually entertaining so in the last post about our mattress, i added the sealy picture right? now i wanted to google our luggage picture but strangely there is no such picture hahaha... actually im not too surprised... cos we bought a HUSH PUPPIES luggage!!!

haha who ever heard of hush puppies manufacturing luggages? it was my first on sunday and yes we still bought it =Pp and we love it sooo much =))))) cos...

1) it is a nice orange color
2) it is a FOUR wheel drive
3) it feels so good - it is soft case
4) it looks so nice
5) it is just over 200 bucks for a medium size luggage!!! =))) got it at about 30% discount =)))

then i wanted to find pictures from the website to show you all why we need a luggage but cant find leh suddenly... in the past, long long ago, mothers would buy wardrobes for their daughters when they got married. now it is evolved to giving luggages where the bride will put her old and new clothes in the luggage to bring over to her new place. hehehe interesting right? some traditions are pretty fun to follow so we follow. but some are very troublesome so we don't follow HAHAHA... =Pp

next up... we MUST book our honeymoon VERY soon... printing of our invites are underway!!!!! will you grace us with your presence at our wedding????? ^_^

Saturday, May 03, 2008

we bought our mattress!!!!!

yes!!!!! our wonderful mattress... from Sealy!!!!! it was a tough choice between Sealy and Simmons... we did some research a couple of months back and went through a long discussion with the Sealy sales guy back then but was not ready to make the huge financial commitment. then a few days back, we decided to give Simmons a chance and went to the Robinsons 150 anniversary sale and check out Simmons. but sadly, they could not convince us about their technology, on how it is actually better than any other. just kept saying that the pocketed coil is patented and nothing much about its unique selling points, about how that coil system differentiates itself from others and how it would benefit me to sleep on a pocketed coil system...

so we just ventured over to Sealy again, and there the sales guy (another one from the one we met at Taka couple of months back), introduced us all over to Sealy again. one thing about their sales people - they are extremely well presented, convey their ideas across logically and are technically very sound. i have not met an 'auntie-type' sales person for Sealy unlike other renowned brands... that speaks volumes about the brand itself.

another winning point about Sealy is they are consistent with their technology. the same technology is used in all their beds. the same coil system. only for the top of the line range, do they have an additional coil on top of their patented coil. which means that their patented technology is really what we can trust on. unlike other renowned brands which say that some models have coils that are more compressed, that is why it is more expensive, as there is more labor in compressing the coil... vin and i were like *scratch head*... if your coil system is SO GOOD, then why change it for different models? should just change the padding to suit the individual's needs for a firm-medium-soft comfort feel ma...

praise the Lord!!! we got our mattress at a 2k discount!!! it was 5k plus and we got it for 3k plus =))) it feels really good for my back and i am really happy... vin couldnt really tell the difference between the 3k plus mattress versus a 1.8k mattress (both sealy but different kind of padding) but that is a good thing cos it shows that his back is very healthy and strong. only people with weak backs are more sensitive to their mattresses.

so looking forward to sleeping on our new mattress!!!!! super shiok loh the feeling of lying on it!!!!! =))))) we also got 2 sets of bedsheets/pillow and bolster cases/quilt cover and a bolster and a quilt!!!!! all at HUGE discounts from the robinsons sale!!!!! so EVERYONE!!!!! HURRY DOWN TO THE ROBINSONS SALE AND GRAB YOUR HOUSEHOLD STUFF NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =))))))))))))))))))))))