Thursday, July 31, 2008

our honeymoon - introduction

it was simply beautiful... the resort, the company, the sea... there are no words to describe God's beautiful creation... just enjoy the photos... this group of pictures are an introduction to the resort and the place. will share more about the exciting activities in the next few posts!!! stay tuned ^_^

our balcony overlooking the sea. below our balcony is our sun deck where we can do our tanning and enjoy the beautiful sea... =)))

vin standing on the edge of our sun deck. this is what everyone wants to do when faced with the beautiful vast sea ya?

our room!!! so beautiful right????? =)))

we have snorkels and fins in our villa!!! but what is snorkelling when we have diving waiting for us!!!!! ^_^

view of the water villas facing the sea...

check out the infinity pool... it is so amazing right!!!!! but the water is super cold cos of the winds... vin and i only managed to swim for 15min max HAHAHAHA... what is the pool when we can swim in the sea right? heh heh...

Monday, July 14, 2008

for those who came for our wedding dinner...

could you send us the videos of vin advertising for gatsby????? =)))))

hee... hope you all had fun!!!!! any photos/videos of our wedding would be greatly appreciated!!!!! just email us!!!!! ^_^

just got back from a refreshing time at meritus mandarin. slept sooo much to make up for all the lost sleep for the past weeks of preparations... off to maldives tomorrow!!! more updates when we are back!!!!!

YEAH!!!!! some of our actual day photos are posted on sherman's blog!!!!! go and take a look!!!!! his link is below =))))) hee... as much as i tried, i still didnt look glam... but oh well, we are we are we... happy as can be!!!!! ^_^

Thursday, July 03, 2008

my stagette night @ Velvet

havent been to clubs since uni days and felt so out of place when i went there with my colleagues last fri... haha... show you all the pictures michelle took of our fun and crazy night... all thanks to michelle and cynthia for organizing this!!!!! and to all who came!!!!! it was simply a night to remember for life HAHAHAHAHA...

my fashion designer and make up artist - miss michelle!!!!!!!! ^_^ the clothes that i was wearing and the make up on my face, it is ALL hers... =)))))

adnan, cynthia and i =))) we went to look at property before having dinner, then proceeding to adnan's place to play with his cats, then he drove us to michelle's place for my MAKE OVER =Pp we all look so bright and fresh here...

audrey and me!!!!! she looks so good ya!!!!! =)))) derek was so cool when audrey was being picked up by 2 guys... he told michelle 'look at my wife being picked up by those 2 men' hahaha...

the men and me... hahaha... from left to right... kam su, adnan, derek, amit... =))) michelle and cynthia got me the tiara and wings!!!!! hee... throughout the night, strangers will call me 'hi angel!' and most people know it is my hen's party hee hee =Pp

emily managed to make it!!!!! =))) adnan looking abit spaced out... hehehe

michelle and me!!!! =)))) notice that my wings are gone... the guy at the picture below took them from me for awhile... for the whole night, he just kept wanting to have my wings... guess that is his secret fetisk - to be an angel... =Pp

my task for the night - make men buy us all drinks... cowardly me never managed to do much... only 10 shots of tequilla and 2 glasses of beer... cos i didnt dare to approach anyone... hahaha... sorry adnan and kam su, you had to pay for the wine!!! =Pp

taking more pictures on the dance floor!!!!!

shivani, cynthia and me!!! somehow i look abit spaced out here... actually i cant hold my liquor well so it was sheer will power that kept me going!!! think i drank 3 glasses of wine and 2 shots of tequilla that night... quite a feat for me!!!!! hope on our wedding night, vin and i dont get sabo-ed to drink!!!! that's why we didnt get free flow beer and we are not bringing in hard liquor *evil snigger*

this lady kept saying that i look like her daughter who is 17!!!!! but she doesnt look that old leh!!!!! wow... =)))

she was also having her hen's party!!!!! think her wedding is this sun =))) congrats girl!!!!! devil and angel kekeke...

dec made it as well!!!!! =)))))

ok time to go home... *flies off*