Friday, December 31, 2010


today started out great. my bus came and i was 30metres away so had to run for the bus. there was a nice guy who stood at the bay and waited for me before he boarded, so that the driver wont drive off. the driver was nice too. he waited for me to sit down before moving off.

also excited cos we are collecting our car today! yes we bought a car! dont worry, vin and jean dont make crazy financial deals... its a 2nd hand OPC, not a 40K COE new car.

the car saga is also abit strange and unsettling but lets leave that to another time. this issue im facing now is irritating enough.

when i was 2 months pregnant, the indonesian general manager requested for me to travel to indonesia to train his team. even though my boss knew that i was in my first trimester, she responded 'i dont see why not! sure!' and that was in front of the SEA&I vice president... oh sure... who would travel in their first trimester?

so i had to say that i cant travel cos im pregnant and its not safe to travel then. all of them looked at me with a look like 'huh? why you got legs cannot walk?' that kind of expression... then the VP muttered something about ..... pregnant..... like he didnt believe that pregnant women have a higher risk if they fly...

nmind i put that aside. but within the next month, the indonesian GM requested another 2 times for me to fly to indonesia!!!!! cant he get it into his head that i cant fly? one of the times, he sent an email and copied all those who were in that management meeting where i said i cant fly! he even copied more people..... so i had to again reply that i cant fly. by then i already had a letter from my gynae stating that i cant fly until my 4th month.

now im in my 3rd trimester and i receive an email from 'no prizes if you guess correctly'. and asking me to 'again no prizes if you guess correctly'


2 months back, i already told his boss (Vietnam, Indonesia & Philippines Area General Manager) that i have a low lying placenta so cant fly already during my pregnancy. cos cannot carry heavy stuff and must limit movements. if it gets worse, can have bleeding and must bed rest and cannot deliver naturally one leh... its not like some silly thing! who would risk their child for their work?! he understood and was chatting with me about pregnancy still. and now the irritating person strikes again?!

i dont understand why people here are so unprofessional. first it was my boss who didnt allow me to see the doctor after office hours when i already couldnt walk and was breaking out in cold sweat. now i have a country GM who keeps requesting for me to fly to his country. i've been coaching his team on the phone and via emails almost every day! even doing the financial controller's work for her most of the time cos she always act blur like she duno how to do... and if she messes up, im the one who gets the scolding... so end up i always have to teach her, she act blur, then i do for her... why must i fly there just to do the same thing? if they cant get their act together, then its the quality of his staff ma!!!!! month in month out, train them on the same thing and they keep messing things up... so does it make a difference if im physically there?

sigh..... cannot let these things affect me. must be happy mummy... but sometimes just get bogged down by these things...

fingers crossed that our car collection will be smooth later! cant wait to get out of here!

suddenly realised, what a sad way to post on the last day of 2010. try to sound happier...

HAPPY 2011!!!!! ^_^ (funny how you can type something and it looks happy, but the person typing it has a sad face)

Saturday, December 04, 2010

You have shown us (Micah 6:8)