Saturday, August 30, 2008

our wedding pictures (actual day) - still uploading... target completion end sept 08 =Pp

Saturday, August 23, 2008

i'm still here!!! ^_^

well i guess i really havent been updating much... wanted to post in the next issue about our NDP experience then follow up with our diving pictures at maldives but been so busy this week... worked till 8 plus every day except for today when i knocked off at 645pm... finally see the sun though it was hiding behind the clouds after a shower...

guess a quick update: been real caught up at work and slightly down cos of certain things in office... tough to share with you all cos its pretty sensitive but its really affecting me alot. but vin has been a great tower of support. not only pillar but a huge tower =))) and he keeps directing me back to God which is so important cos seriously the both of us just cant think of how else i can deal with it. it is just too huge a mountain in front of me and with my human emotions and intellect and strategizing, it is just impossible to conquer. only can depend on God to pull me through this whole issue...

heh heh now you super curious to find out right? ask me in person la! but only come to me with solutions and not just to kpoh about wassup ok!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... but anyway, i was reading my last post, just glancing through, and what i said about 'God being our teacher so we so dont need any training on fishing' reminded me once again to just depend on Him. cos with God, all things are possible. He can teach me on how i should live my life. He can show me how to deal with these issues in office. He can be the neutral party, the point of what's right and what's wrong, the One that i can fix my eyes on such that i dont get swayed to the left nor to the right on which way to go, what to do, how to react.

on a side note, wish i can show you all our AD fotos but our pcs are too slow to process the 800+ fotos in the cd that our PG passed us. so cant d/l the pictures to u/l here for you all to view... even we are having difficulty viewing the pictures. so we all need to wait in anticipation =)))

other than that, yes married life is GREAT!!! FANTASTIC!!! WONDERFUL!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

our honeymoon - part 3

hee for those of my loyal supporters, sorry that i've been blogging less since i started in my new job since apr... and even lesser when i got married since last month... alot of things to do leh... wash clothes, hang clothes, iron clothes (vin does this), clean the floor, pack the room etc... HAHAHA like so busy right? but really leh... very shiong man...

anyway! share ANOTHER thanksgiving! our night fishing trip! it's my first time fishing and vin's 2nd or 3rd time... so i was super duper excited cos i totally didnt know what to expect. on the boat when we were heading out, i turned to vin and said 'let's pray! =) dear God, i pray that we will get many many fish! big big fish! and have lots lots of fun! in Jesus name, AMEN!!!!!' and i felt totally satisfied and happy... =)))

you know what happened? vin and i individually caught the BIGGEST fishes in the boat!!!!! our fishes rank #1 and #2!!! it is so amazing!!!! and i was the first person in the boat to catch a fish! ok maybe you are thinking, it is all pure luck, but hey, there was a professional fisherman on the boat (he brought his own weights and stuff) and yet we had such great achievements!!!!! PLUS... we caught the MOST fish as well!!!!! more than 10 together!!!

God answers even our tiniest prayers!!!!! i mean, seriously, we might think it is so bo liao to even ask God for this but hey! He is concerned about EVERYTHING in our life, even these tiny insignificant things! ^_^ i told vin after the trip 'hey! who needs to be super trained in stuff when we have an awesome God?!' yes we need to be trained in things to do well but seriously, with God, ALL things are possible man!!! say YEAH (echos YEAH) say OOOH (echos OOOH)... ok i am starting to sound delirious but thinking back, the feeling is so high!!!

post pictures of our night fishing trip. with the bait, the scenery, our fishermen and our fishes!!! didnt take pictures of all our fishes as there are too many and in the end, they all look almost the same HAHAHA... but all the fishes you see, are fished by vin/me (except for the last picture which shows all the edible fish that our boat trip fished up)!!! enjoy =)))

Sunday, August 03, 2008

our honeymoon - part 2

thanksgiving time!!! =)))

jeff was so nice to lend us his underwater camera when he knew that we were going diving in maldives. so we were so excited and wanted to take pictures of all the wonderful creatures underwater each time we dived. since we were only going for 2 dives, we had to make full use of each trip to snap snap snap as much as we could ^_^

but just when we completed our descent, i signalled to vin to take pictures of the reef and he motioned to me that he forgot to bring the camera down... oh great... so sorry jeff...

but when we came up, guess what? vin realised that when he set up the underwater casing, the string was stuck in the latch of the casing - the casing wont be air tight! thank God that he didnt bring the camera underwater then! wow... else all our pictures would be gone and jeff's camera would be gone too!

leave you all with our snorkelling trip pictures instead then HAHAHA... our 2nd dive pictures will be coming up soon... when i find time to post it hee...

ok realised that they are not fantastic, so i also post pictures of the surrounding seas outside our villa. this is when vin and i took a morning stroll out of our villa to the breakwaters which are super far out (refer to my previous post, 1st picture)