Monday, October 27, 2008

im back again!

have not been blogging for the longest of time ya? what was i busy with i wonder...

1) looking through websites/magazines for interior design ideas for our new home
2) finalizing our actual day wedding album - and what is finally left to confirm is the cover
3) seeking God if it is His will for me to step up in service in church (that was a huge tug of war match with God)
4) many trainings/meetings in church and stuff to do for church when im home
5) most importantly, spending alot of time with vin and helping him clean his army stuff and packing his luggage cos he is going for 3 week reservist in an australian desert

yes, i am so going to miss him... and to top it all up... i was intending to go to my parents' place to stay over, during the weekends when vin is in australia, and they forgot!?!?! and booked a trip to KL with my dad's friends over the 1st weekend when vin is away... *sigh*

but i am happy for them though. very rarely does my dad get a chance to travel and im glad that in the recent year, he went on a trip with mum and her family to china, then is going on another short trip this weekend. think it has been more than 10 years since he travelled cos he works really hard for the family, and it is not easy managing his own business singlehandedly.

so im going to have to be a big strong girl and be independant emotionally, mentally and physically. God really is teaching me the hard way. im just too dependant a person. cant travel alone, cant stay alone, cant do things alone... so now im really going to be very alone during these few weeks and come out of it a stronger and better person!!!

bear with me if i appear dazed these days or look stoned or seem down, must be cos i suddenly drift into missing vin... its tough man... to be staying alone with your father-in-law when you are 3 months newly wedded, with your husband away where the network reception might not be 100% trustworthy... God be my strength!!!