Saturday, September 26, 2009

those were the days...

switched to gmail today for those emails that i had to attach files. no idea why vin and i cant attach files to our outgoing yahoo emails... need to figure out how to import contacts from yahoo to gmail... wonder if it is possible that all mails to yahoo be routed to my gmail account...

anyway, came across an email that my friend from music clinic sent me in 2005. it was photos of one of our peformances back then. i was like 'wa seh!!! 4 years ago man!!!!! time flies...'
think i started singing classes with music clinic in 2004 till 2005. in that period, did a couple of performances with them and even went to join the 1st season of project superstar. haha... looking back, it really was good fun and had great experiences =))) show you the pictures that jason sent. after project superstar, he went on to act in channel 8 and host variety shows as well... glad they managed to pursue their passion... ^_^

sometimes i wonder. if i had a chance to choose my path again, would i choose to start off in audit and lead a typical life like now, or follow my passion and go into the entertainment industry...? oh well, in the end i will always conclude. we only live our lives once. most importantly is what i will do the next second, minute, day, week... how i love those around me, what i say to the next person, the choices that i make tomorrow. but to those who are still thinking about what career to choose, think wisely! and to remind us all, in all that we do, do it for MOE - the Maker of Everything! =)))

Monday, September 21, 2009


Saturday, September 12, 2009


Super funny MTV by Wondergirls - Nobody. Good reminder for us to always check for ENOUGH toilet paper before doing our business... (must watch right to the end)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Stong Falls Oct 14-17th, anyone? =)

Stong Waterfall is located at Kelantan, Malaysia and is believed to be the tallest waterfall in South East Asia with a height of approximately 305 meters. It was ranked 5th in the list of special places for Eco-Tourism in Malaysia.

Day 1 Sin- Dabong
05.00 pm Meet at Tg Pagar Railway Stn for train to Dabong
06.00 pm Depart by train 2nd class sleeper

Day 2 Dabong – Stong Waterfalls (D)
06.00 am Arrive Dabong and own breakfast at local coffee shop
08.00 am Proceed for cave exploration
12.00 pm Back in train station for own lunch
1.00 pm Drive and trek to campsite along waterfall
4.00 pm Set camp & prepare dinner
8.00 pm Star gazing and rest

Day 3 Stong Waterfalls - Dabong (BL)
06.00 am Enjoy the sunrise & sea of clouds
07.30 am Breakfast & Explore the waterfalls further upstream
01.30 pm Return to campsite for lunch
02.30 pm Break camp and descend
04.30 pm Transfer to Dabong train station
06.00 pm Own dinner. Rest & relax before board train
08.00 pm Board train to Singapore

Day 4 SIN
10.00 am Arrive Singapore

Terms B/f- breakfast L-lunch, D-dinner, O/N - overnight.

Trekking, nature