Thursday, April 26, 2007

more fotos!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

waitin fer vin so v bored...

HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! *waves frantically*

*drums fingers*

u all not fun one la... never tok to me one... *yawn*

btw, i saw e doc todae (finally) n got some medicine!!!!!!!! now i can turn my head!!!!!!! hahaha... juz now go shoppin wif rita then she sae i muz b walkin real funny cos got pple turn their heads n look at me when i walk...

EH I JUZ WALK LIKE A MODEL ONLI MA... they aso walk straight never turn head ma... but ok la maybe i look abit stiff necked... but now beta liao n tomolo i will b back to jumpin arnd!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

ok e purpose fer signin in was to post fotos so beta faster post b4 vin reaches... MORE PICS OF DIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

pat took vin n me n said we v got fu qi xiang!!!!!!!! yippieeeeeeeeeee ^_^ (this is on e wae there at tanjong pagar, on e coach - 4 hr bus ride to mersing then 4 hr boat ride to tioman!!!!!!!!)

we felt like wu suo nan yang... like nan ming on a boat... no bed mind u... 4 hrs in e cold wind... BUT V FUN COS E STARS V BRITE!!!!!!!!!! there were sooooooo many stars n e sky was sooooooo clear... *sigh* nite to remember... wif su sleepin beside me... HAHAHAHAHA

my onli pic above e sea water level in my gear HAHAHAA... stare hard enuff n u can c which one is me la... =P

yeah!!!!!!!! vin n me in our diving gear!!!!!!!!!!! so saye hor????????? =)))))))))))))) ok vin is here!!!!!!! bye!!!!!!!!!