Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Status update

hello hello... many things happened recently... ok la actually onli 2 major things:

1) change of job
to all who r concerned, thanks so much fer askin abt me n followin up... so touched... my intel colleagues msn/sms-ed me on my first dae n asked me how i was n stuff... aso cos they miss me so much HAHAHAHA... michelle aso v cute, so concerned after readin my post... msn-ed me a few times n keep askin if im ok... i muz haf sounded super miserable man hahaha... faster come back michelle!!!! i miss u!!!!!

but i was pretty miserable at my first dae here... 2nd hand T41 wif a hand-me-down mouse... (i had a brand new T43 wif a nice sleek black mouse previously)... 1st 3 mths cant take leave n mc, else is considered no-pay leave... cube dats almost half e size of my old cube wif walls dat r almost half e height... sooo many things to whine abt but i m no longer gona dwell on all this!!!!!! intel is truly a great place to wk... wif fantastic benefits n flexi wk style... but its ok... u take some, u lose some... i noe this stage of my life is gona b great n my life is alwayz uphill cos its all in God's hands!!!!!

thank God fer vin too... alwayz so steady... this strong pillar in my life... when i was so miserable, his practical side coupled wif his patience wif me pulled me through n lifted my spirits... =)

2) unsuccessful balloting of flats
recall in one of my previous posts dat i said i might haf some gd news to share wif u all in mid june/jul... i planned to haf a post 'we live in bukit merah, how abt u?' but no longer is dat gona b e case... cos we balloted fer jalan membina n didnt get a date fer flat selection... sighz...

vin n i were real sad last nite when we learnt of e results... cos we reali liked e place n e timing was juz nice n stuff... but oh well... God is good all e time n He has e BEST plan fer us... thanks joyce, yes, muz not waver in my trust n faith in Him cos He onli gives us e best best best!!! ^_^

so now excitedly we proceed to look at other options... keep u all in e loop...

I MISS U ALL INTEL FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sob*