Wednesday, April 14, 2010

kate spade

im a proud owner of a branded bag! my first luxury good!!!!! ^_^ diamonds are not classifed as luxury goods right? =Pp

vin was so sweet to buy me kate from US. yes, there i go, naming my stuff again =Pp last night when we were at raffles city, before meeting t jian, we decided to pop by kate spade outlet to see if SG carries the bag. vin was hoping that there wont be, so that it'll be more special, but i was hoping that there would be, so that i can check out SG's price. guess what? we saw my bag! think vin got her for SGD 200+? not sure... but surely not the SGD 500+ that we saw in the store!!! scary right... we looked at a few bags and they are like at least SGD 500+ la... i saw a lady buy a bag there and i was thinking, wow, how can i make myself spend so much on a bag? it took me a week or so to get used to the idea of owning a SGD 200+ bag. when i brought the bag out last sunday, took super extra care also loh! imagine, those LVs, guccis, SGD 1K+ leh... must wrap in bubble wrap when bringing out man...