Wednesday, March 24, 2010

m1 users look here!

before vin went for his business trip, he called m1 to ask if there needs to be any configuration for his iphone to use smart sms. they said, nope, just go ahead!

*smart sms enables vin to pay only 15cents per sms instead of 60cents per sms when he is in UK and USA

take one: when vin reached, he tried to sms me and received a timeout error message. strangely, he didnt spend more than the stipulated 40sec to type the sms, as it was a copy paste. m1's response was, try again but this time, type the sms.

take two: he tried again. no error message this time. but i never received the message. m1's response after checking with their engineers - iphone cannot smart sms. vin should use another phone.

wow! what a revelation since iphone's existence since 2007! how can it be that they never knew till we called about it?!

anyway, since it was their negligence, they agreed to charge vin 15cent/sms for all his smses for this trip (at a cap of 100 smses)