Thursday, January 21, 2010

its a dog eat dog world out there

worked till almost 1030pm today. vin's still in office. we've been working real late the past few months...

i wonder. as we climb up the corporate ladder, get more responsibilities, we end up spending so much time at work. weekdays become work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep... only on weekends do we have time for ourselves. but we end up having to spend time with vin's dad, my parents, serve God in our church committments, do housework, etc... that we end up having so little time left. with that very little time squeezed out, we listen to sermons, do our devotions, that we have no time to just space out and rest. maybe once in a few weeks we have half or one hour to just space out in front of the tv. oh that's so shiok!

i like to space out. im a slacker as vin will say. so now i wonder, why is my life so packed?

my mum was telling me that my cousin wants to enrol her daughter into a particular pri school. she stays within the 1km radius i believe, but she needs to do volunteer work else her daughter would most probably not be able to get in. i think, what has the world come to???

i mean, if the parents are super busy at work everyday, how do they find time to volunteer at the school? im sure any extra time they have, they'd want to lavish it on their children! and im sure if every parent is so 'kiasu', volunteering wont even guarantee your child a place! so does it mean that you need to spend money to shift house so as to stay super near the school AND spend alot of time to do of volunteer work for the school, just to get your child a place in a good school? thats so tiring man...

my friend is sending her daughter to shicida class. flash cards. apparently it focuses on whole brain development. and its about $800 for 3 months! the power of a mother's love. almost $300 a month on extra-curicular activities when the child is not even 2 years old! and alot of parents are doing this.

the world is getting so competitive. thats why theres more and more work piled on our tables, actually sent to our inboxes since we live in a virtual world these days. *sigh* how man? how to strike a balance between rest and work? tough... let alone connecting with friends... tougher...

haha! before i continue sounding pessimistic, let me share some good news with you.

i went out with jean, ah lam and gina recently. ALL of them carry an iphone. im proud to say that im the unique one without an iphone. thats my good news.

today vin bought an iphone! thats his good news!

im excited actually. want to see whats the hype. why is everyone still buying the iphone despite the comments that it has super short battery life, calls cant get through, used to have some problems with sms, etc...

haha! im so chatty tonight. cos its almost midnight and vin's still working. gosh... anyway its not too bad cos we are on leave tomorrow. going to the hospital to get my brain scan results and hear the doctor's analysis, discuss next steps etc... pray with me for complete healing. that my pain and discomfort will be no more and i need not go back to the hospital anymore! =)))