Tuesday, March 02, 2010

my foot

finally i decided on monday that i need to go to the tie da (those chinese doctor that will massage or duno do what to sprains/fractures etc) cos my foot just didnt get any better. still swollen and purple like 1 week back. called my mum only to find out that the tie da was closed on mondays. decided then to complete my work on monday night so that i can leave office at 6pm (my official knock off time is 530pm) to make it in time before the tie da closes at 7pm.

so on monday night, i worked till almost 10pm and got my boss' approval to leave at 6pm on tues to see the tie da. actually why need to seek boss' approval, you may wonder? isn't this society now about efficiency, productivity? no longer about clocking hours? not in my cheena company. over here, if you leave at 6pm, you are deemed as a slacker and having nothing to do. that's how my boss manages her team. just too bad for my job scope, there is just too many issues in the countries that even if i work till midnight every day, also cannot clear. so no chance to leave at 6pm also =(

think my body couldnt take the long hours cos on tues morning, i woke up to a more swollen and painful foot. but i looked forward to going to the tie da cos hopefully he can help me alleviate much of the pain. but by lunch time, the right side of my back and my right leg started to have shooting pains. i knew that was the start of my back relapse. by 3 plus, it became numb, weak and i was trembling a little. but i hung on knowing that my back relapse is due to me putting my weight on my right side for too long cos of my sprained ankle. once the tie da fixes my ankle, things should be more manageable...

but at 550pm, my boss told me that i cannot go to the doctor unless it is a life and death situation. she said that we are facing a crisis now and team work is very important. the issue was that my country FC had to take off for urgent matters and my colleague needed to help load the financials into the management reporting pack. this was just a copy, paste exercise and didn't need me around. but my boss wanted me to stay in case my colleague needed to seek my advice as she felt that my colleague would not be able to handle the copy, paste alone. and that i needed to be around in case she faces with problems, else she would be too stressed when she cant resolve the issues, and wouldn't be able to complete her work...

there has to be some limit right? nobody is indispensible and i dont think that im so critical to the organization right? why cant i just go to the doctor? i am already limping so badly... if team work is very important, she can help my colleague right? or the FP&A manager can help my colleague right? why do i need to stay on just to give her moral support?

last week i thought that she was so good, cos she did the unexpected for me, let me work from home. but now she did the unexpected again, refuse to let me see the doctor unless i was dying...? how to continue working in such a place?