Saturday, March 13, 2010

general updates

vin's teeth look quite normal now =) cos the surgeon did fillings for him, something like temporary fake teeth extensions for the chipped teeth. so that when vin goes for his 2 week business trip, the ang mohs wont be shocked at his broken teeth.

vin took a scan of his teeth on thurs. finally saw how the metal plates look like! there are 4 and they are L-shaped, holding the fractured bone to the strong bone. at first we thought that it is one long plate across the entire fracture. interesting...

so far, high chance that 2 out of 4 teeth can be saved! praise God! but the gums above the 2 weak teeth are shrinking cos the bone there is dead. if they do not grow out, need to do bone grafting. gosh! so serious hor? praying that the bone will grow out, so no need grafting, the gums can grow and all his teeth can be saved!

as for me, the chinese sin seh said that my recovery is slow cos im walking too much. i put too much weight on the front of my foot (near the big toe area) when i walk, cos of the pain in my ankle. this results in my bone going out of position and slows down the recovery process. the ligaments are also quite badly hurt, resulting in the constant pain in my foot. whoever would have thought that a sprained ankle can be so troublesome?