Friday, March 19, 2010

on the road

since the accident, things have changed. not sure if its cos of the trauma or cos realistically people are driving more dangerously. but its scary each time i sit in the car now. 2 examples:

1) we were along ECP, entering from the CBD area, going towards the east. a black volkswagen behind vin's dad's car drove over the chevron straight into ECP. closely following him was a black lancer. they both sped off at an estimated speed of 120km/hr or more. i think it was around that speed cos they were cutting lanes very quickly and speeding past all the cars. most probably racing each other. usually cars on ECP go at 90-100km/hr if they are on the right most lane. but those 2 were much faster loh... scary right! i remember that it was not even 10pm loh... thought these daredevil drivers would only pull their stunts past midnight... really endangering the lives of all on the road leh!!!

2) i was in a cab along still road. on my left were HDBs and a pedestrian walkway, parallel to the road i was on. in front of me was the pedestrian crossing. basically, the junction i was at, looked like this: -
when the green man came on, pedestrians started crossing in front of me. a motorcyclist came out of the blue from the pedestrian walkway on my left, got on the pedestrian crossing and turned right onto the road in my opposite direction! the pedestrians stared at him in disbelief! there were about 10 of them on the road, and if he was careless, he might have just hit into any one of them! he was not rolling slowly loh... he was riding it quite fast loh! you know right, motorcycles can pick up their speed very fast... totally ignored traffic rules!

can people please care for the safety of those on the road? can people please cherish their lives and the lives of the innocent around? gosh... what is the world coming to? wanting thrill and excitement, ignoring the responsibilities that are given to them cos of the vehicles they own?

be safe.