Tuesday, June 05, 2007

charis church camp 2007 - port dickson

my colleague in US pang seh me... supposed to discuss at 830am this mornin (when i supposed to start wk at 9am) but he change to 11am (his 11pm actually, so v poor thing)... but wait till now he still not on skype n never reply my emails...

so... lemme use 1min to show u some pics we took at church camp last week!!!!!!!!!!!

bear in mind dat these pics is half loaded onli... still got a stack in my camera haven load... alot of funny pics of su/pat/me... so rem to check by e album again after u c this todae ok!!!!!!!!!! gime till end of this week to load my pics... hopefully tonite i will try to force myself to d/l e pics from my camera n u/l to webshots...

ENJOY!!!!!!!!!! ^_^