Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pre-Marital Counselling

todae is e 7th n final session for our pre-marital counselling... hmmm learnt tons from these sessions...

1) pastors reali wk 24/7
aside from their dae job of plannin sermons n church administrative wk n tons of stuff which we duno dat they need to do... they aso haf to devote time after office hours to prepare us young couples fer marriage... once in 2 weeks, rev yeo meets up wif vin n me from 8 plus to 10 plus at her place to share wif us abt God's view on marriage n her experiences...

its no joke loh... n its not onli us leh... how many couples get married in a year? if u wana get married by pastor, need to go through pre-marital counselling. n if u plan fer marriage n wana noe more abt e road ahead (like vin n me) aso need to go through pre-marital counselling... so how many nites muz they give up? then sometimes when pple pass away leh... they aso muz go to e wakes... or pple in hospital leh? aso muz visit... wow wow wow... need to keep em in prayer man... onli by God's grace n blessings man...

2) love is a many splendoured thing
juz wanted to gek some seh... =P forgot wat it meant but this was a phrase from my recital in speech n drama hahaha... wat is love?

i learnt dat love is not abt passion mainly. its a balance of passion, committment n intimacy. many rships break down cos they dun feel e passion anymore. no more romantic feelin. so they think theres no more love. but e truth of e matter is, passion WILL die out. we haf to maintain it. if we r not committed to each other, we will let e passion die out w/o doin anythin cos we will think dat 'oh oh no more love cos no more passion!!!' but dats not e case. if u commit to someone, u stick to e person cos this is a convenant between u n God. God has blessed us wif this person n our lives so we b committed to e person.

intimacy is aso another key to e rship. we need to understand each other, b each others' soul mates. this will bring e couple real close. wif understanding comes much more hapiness cos u noe wat each other wans n cos of e love u haf fer e person, u r more tolerant, wana do more fer e person n fulfil e person's needs, n b filled wif joy when e person is so blessed by wat u haf given him/her.

but e most impt ingredient in e marriage is God. God is e one who binds us together n when we draw close to Him n walk in His waes n desire to do His will fer e marriage n our lives, supernaturally e rship will b so strong dat no man can tear apart... =)

ok la 2 big points enuff liao... can go on fer ages n ages abt wat we learnt cos we learnt SOOO much n r sooo blessed by rev yeo n her family... God is good ^_^