Sunday, May 23, 2010


staying in your own home is like having your own children. you need to clean it up, including all the yucky disgusting things that come with it.

a few days ago, when we came home, we saw a wasps nest on our main door. its made of mud and looks like 3 balls stuck together. totally gross looking i must say. the thought of this whole saga still makes me want to puke. bleah!

anyway, vin and i finally decided to get rid of it today after much procrastination cos one of the balls had a hole in it (meaning a wasps grew up and flew out). double yucks!!!

we armed ourselves with a flat metal spade and a wet cloth, not knowing what to expect. vin scraped off the nest with 1 swift motion and the mud with alot of green slimy things dropped on the floor. we were both totally grossed out.

on close inspection, those green slimy things seemed to be the larvae that was still in the worms stage. i quickly got pails of water and washed them all down the drain of the corridor and vin cleaned up the door, which had some green slimy things on it too.

vin summed it up with 'interesting experience'. me? YUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!