Monday, June 11, 2007

yippie doodle doo!!!~~

find this pix familiar? NDP IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

for e past 2 years, vin n me haf been goin to e preview by God's grace... its reali awesome to b there wif e crowd, celebrating spore's bdae!!!!!!!!!! n this time, wif His manifold blessings, via the balloting system, we got 2 tix to go to e actual dae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(n i had actually given up on balloting systems cos of e recent hdb balloting failure) wat an irony... =P

God is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loveeeeeeeeeeeee goin to NDP!!!!!!!!!!!!! love lookin at e fighter jets fly past n e huge national flag borne by e chinuks (however u spell it) slowly goin past... ooo i love singin e national anthem wif everyone!!!!!!!!! makes me feel sooooooooo proud to b a singaporean!!!!!!!!!!!

u noe, we r juz so blessed to b here... where its safe n where we r reasonably well taken care of financially... but i noe many will disagree... in fact after e hdb balloting saga, i was extremely disappointed wif some policies n strategies that was implemented... but oh well... u cant haf e best of everythin man!!!!!! actually we r so richly blessed alreadi!!!!!!

anywaez fer e same reason y i've been sian fer e past month, here i m, sian again... but its ok... everythin is in His hands n we r more than conquerors cos its His work we r doin!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~

meetin yong/wenhui/gerry/guishan n maybe pp later... alreadi met yong/wenhui/pp on sat nite liao... ooo n met nelly via skype HAHAHAHA... so fun leh can tok to her on skype!!! next time can tok to yong too!!! juz dat she cant c my pretty face cos i no webcam... kekeke...

dow v cute one... can dun meet fer like half a year then suddenly will keep meeting... then after dat no news n everyone will disappear into their own worlds fer sometime... but this group will b so dearly treasured in my heart... YONG REM TO SEND US E PIX K!!!!!! ^_^

r u my 4000th viewer??? =)