Wednesday, September 13, 2006

ok im back!!! =)

mag said she felt sad after readin my post so i tot beta cheer everyone up in case i made my dear frens sad wif me... =P was explorin e function of pairing my mobile fone wif my laptop n WOW!!! i managed to transfer ALOT of fotos over in a blink of an eye!!!!!

disclaimer: e fotos below r all taken from my frens' fones, not my lousy fone... =P v impressed wif e fantastic resolution leh!!!!! my next fone needs to b able to take such gd shots too!!! ^_^

enjoy... ^_^ (in chronological order, from most recent to ancient of daes...)

dear ivy is so stunningly beautiful!!! e hotel staff said she look like michelle (xie yun yi)!!!

me in my sailor moon hairstyle wif josh (who alwayz sae vin n i give him goosebumps but still likes to hang out wif us) HAHAHAHA... which hairstyle do u prefer???

my final round in project superstar hahaha... round 3 from 100 to 25 at mediacorp... SO WHICH HAIRSTYLE DO U PREFER??? hahaha... still v hung up over my new hairstyle... in case u forgot how my new hairstyle is like.. SCROLL UP!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

hee in e end aso never post many fotos, onli 3 hor? hiaks... aiyah cant show u all too many pretty faces else u all start askin me fer my frens' numbers HAHAHA... a few is enuff!!! =P