Saturday, August 12, 2006

blog blog blog blog blog

dan n i r mad now... we r like explorin tens n thousands of things to add on our blogs n how to add em n how to make em nicer n stuff... kekeke... notice vin n i haf a pet tiger now??? all thanks to dan who has a pet dog on her blog!!! n it looks so much like her dog - boo!!! (suddenly i sound bimbotic)... if u scroll down e sidebar, u notice dat i haf a counter too!!!!! its gona b like a mum watchin her child grow up... e numbers r gona increase n increase n increase n it b so fun to watch!!!!! all thanks to dan who showed me this great site to add a counter!!!

future plan is to add music to this blog so dat u viewers not onli haf visual n mental pleasure but aso audio pleasure!!!!! ^_^ ok pleasure sounds like a weird word to use but oh well wateva =P this will b done by dan on her blog first then she teach me... she v smart sia... so techie... she saes we r geeks now... checkin out on all these codes n stuff... ooo first time im called a geek... kewl... =P

this week is gd... but tiring... thurs n sat went to World Cyber Games to help out n now im like exhausted sia... keep starin at pple play counterstrike n quake4 n standin arnd, directin customers to pple, answerin some questions, givin out some flyers... n stoning most of e time... it can b REAL TIRING man... *yawn* anywae im glad dat i had this chance to b a sales personnel cos it is makin me step out of my comfort zone to learn all those dreaded cheem stuff abt e techie world... COMEX is next n i will b victorious!!!!!!!! everybody!!!!! ask me abt computers n techie stuff cos im on my wae to becomin a geek!!!!!!!!! ^_^