Friday, July 28, 2006

i can see clearly now the fonts are big

sing the title according to the song 'i can c clearly now e rain is gone...'

kekeke this post is dedicated to quack quack who complains she is gettin old (but she is my age so wat does dat mean) n need to squint to read my blog... therefore todae's blog has to b shorter cos big words makes e post SEEM longer n more loh soh... =P

(continuation of e song)
it's gona b a fun (echoes 'fun') fun (echoes 'FUN!') hapi weekend!!!!!

ok yes i think i m mad... vin's frens, yes please pray fer him... he got himself a crazy gf... kekeke... aiyah come on, its fri!!! weekend is here!!! let ur hair loose man!!!!! ^_^

wow im revertin back to my full-of-nonsense self... frances n wenhui gona complain again but oh well... im like super excited lor!!! lemme tell u y...

fri: 330-8pm finance fun event @ safra tampines (archery n jap buffet dinner)
1015pm-sat noon @ lim chu kang fish farm with vin n his mountaineerin frens
sat: 430-8pm NDP PREVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! majulah singapura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^
sun: supposed to visit mr gan at his church but i still cant get him?! maybe cos i call in e day n he goes out in e dae? tonite i'll try...

so can u understand my joy n feel my excitement???????? fish farm leh!!!!! so exciting!!!!! never go b4 hahahaha... n NDP PREVIEW!!!!!!!!!! i looooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeee national day parades!!!!!!!!!!! feel so proud to b singaporean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)