Monday, August 21, 2006

what is love?

my fren who broke up wif her bf one or two months back still has their foto as her hp wallpaper
my fren who was terribly hurt by her bf is still willing to take him back
my fren's ex had many suitors who r my fren's gd frens
my fren called off his weddin plans after they got their house n prepared alot fer e wedding
my fren loves a guy n they haf been in love fer many years but r 2 star-crossed lovers, never able to stay together n b in a long-lastin rship

so many more heart-wrenchin rships all due to one word - love

what is love? y can it cause pple to b so miserable all their lives? y can someone profess to love another but yet at e same time, sae they r on e look-out for other more suitable partners? y can someone love another to e ends of e earth one dae then a few months after breakin up, can move on? y can someone love another who is so unlovable n can never stop lovin e person, even if it is never meant to b? is there such thing as eternal love fer humans?

frankly speakin, i think love is a matter of choice. u choose to love someone. u choose to walk away in e face of temptation n not betray ur partner. u choose to stick by ur partner no matter wat happens. cos ultimately its a promise made to each other dat u need to keep. however, when things dun wk out, like when one party gives up n walks away without turnin back, or when one party leaves e world, or when it is simply wrong to continue to stay together, u juz need to choose to let go. choose to forget. choose to move on wif life...

cruel as it seems, its actually a life-saver in all aspects... nobody can own anyone. nobody can promise eternity to anyone. nobody can depend completely on anyone. onli God can love unconditionally for eternity, disregardin every bad thing we haf done - past, present n future...

on a lighter note, love on!!!!!! for dats wat keeps us goin!!!! ^_^