Thursday, June 29, 2006

my 2 cents worth

Hey people,

Technically, this is Jean's blog, but she has invited me in to give my 2 cents worth whenever I like..heh..

Was just thinking what I can type to contribute to the blog. Wanted to type fun / cheem stuff to entertain people who are reading this blog, but in the end - WHAT THE HECK JUST TYPE WHAT YOU WANT LA! least that's what I felt. Afterall, its my (our) blog what..and ANYWAY none of my personal friends (except some of Jean and my mutual friends) knows that I "have" a blog so I can just type anything I want! WOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Ok enough of nonsense. I just started work about a month back. Never thought working can be so tiring. Guess I'm still adjusting to a new lifestyle. Studying never felt this tiring. Whenever I reach home I just feel like lying on my bed and stoning. Haha...

Been trying to get back my fitness. After much persuasion from Jean last week, I went for my first run in months. Man I really lost all that stamina. Can barely make 2 rounds around my estate. For those who know what happened to my arm; well, I tried doing some pull-ups and I didn't do too bad, considering that I haven't pulled for more than year. But I'm still not comfortable pushing to my limit cos I still feel that my arm's not ready to handle that.

Well, the World Cup's down to the quarter's now! Jean and I are intending to watch the Argentina-Germany and the England-Portugal match! Maybe the Brazil-France one if we can still keep awake. However, we don't have cable, so anyone kind enough to "lend" us your World Cup channel?:P

That's all for now - my 2 cents worth.