Wednesday, June 28, 2006

so how old am i?

b4 i start about todae's topic, don't u all think e definition of introvert is so not like wat we imagined??? based on dat definition, i would think e word is 'self-centered' sia!!! *pengz* hee vin is alwayz e dictionary guy, e one i turn to when i duno how to spell a word or duno e meanin of somethin... interestin e differences between us... fer me, i would juz anyhow smoke or juz laugh it away, hopin nobody noticed HAHAHAHAHA =P (shucks gave myself away heh)

anywaez, todae's topic is from yesterdae's outing wif joy, joey, sharon n yong (aka frances)... like callin her yong... sounds v qin qie... like i call jem as wee... hiaks... oh ya... yesterdae we went ichiban boshi cos i wanted to use up e 3 free food items in my card dat expires 30th june... so i had a chance to spin e wheel for a 20/30/40/.../80 dollar voucher n i got $40!!!!!!! praise God~!

oh anywae e lady gave me a lucky draw coupon n i had to fill in my details n when there was a space for 'age:___' i paused for 3 secs cos i didnt noe how old i was... this joey ah... sniggered... hahahaha then we juz kept laffin cos it comes to a point where we wish we were like 21, but e digit behind keeps jumpin so fast dat we cant keep track of it anymore...

was readin dan's blog juz now... n wow time reali flies... now is e time when questions like 'marriage' pops into our minds cos everyone arnd us is either married or gettin married... n dan n i r in our 18th year of frenship man!!! can u believe it?! HAHAHAHA gosh we r like super old sia...

todae im v loh soh hor? cos im at home... relapse loh wats new... been puttin off this rest fer a week liao n yesterdae i geh kiang go n carry stacks of documents fer my colleague cos i had to look at em later... so it aggravated e situation... realised now its my neck n arm dats hurtin more than my back n leg... interestin hor... duno wats my spine thinkin... =P