Monday, June 26, 2006


i cannot sae monday BLUES... no no no... if i sae monday BLUES i will b BLUE... hee so fun can make my font colour blue too!!!!!!!! =))))))))))))))))

anywae, as u all can c, I HAF A TAG BOARD ALL THANKS TO DARYL!!!!!!!!!! im pretty pleased wif my blog cos i think its pretty nice n cool hor??????? c liao feel hapi... like on a ship in e vast ocean then c a lighthouse... wah shiok!!!!!!

u noe, sometimes i wonder if anyone reads blogs... or is anyone readin my blog?! n i wonder if there r pple readin my blog, i wonder who they r... so, can u sae hi or somethin in e good lookin friendly tag board on ur left??? so dat i can c who dropped by?????? ^_^

now i noe y my frens like to blog so much... cos its reali pretty fun n takes up some of ur time, n entertains ur bored frens, n updates pple on ur life... (actually i aso never tell u much abt wat happened in my life rite?!)

slowly discoverin more things abt bloggin n hafin abit more interestin roles in my job... yippee!!! =)